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Recognition of foreign credentials


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Jan 27, 2018
I did my soft landing last month and I'm planning to go back to Toronto permanently around late August to September and begin my job search in earnest.

Now I've heard horror stories about discrimination against foreign credentials but had some questions that need further clarification:
(i) Is the discrimination uniform for all foreign degrees or does it depend on where the degree is from?
(ii) For those with foreign degrees, does it help at least somewhat if the degree is from a highly ranked institute in a major English speaking country (ranked higher than all but 4 Canadian universities, but not a well known name)?
(iii) I'm from an electrical engineering background, both professionally and in terms of education. I'm planning to switch to software development in Canada and have built up enough of a skill set for a junior position. Are EE degrees accepted as sort-of-CS for such jobs or are Canadian employers strict about CS degrees for CS jobs?