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Recent PR (protected person) travel Question??

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Rayan75, Jun 30, 2019.

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    This is a question for a friend of mine.

    He was in "refugee claimant" then "protected person" status for almost five years. After 23 months of suffering and long waiting, he recently got approved for PR. He is originally from Syria.

    Now, he is waiting to receive his PR card by mail. It's been over 5 years he didn't see his family (a mother & 3 siblings) in Syria, they live in a safer area around the boarders with Lebanon. He wants to take the risk and see them, and possibly bringing them with him as refugee claimants or sponsorship.

    Since he is now a PR holder. Can he travel or visit his home country with his original country passport? Does that mean anything to his PR status in Canada since he used to be a protected person??
  2. @scylla :) I trust your majesty highness' advice.
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    He should not use his passport and in particular, he should NOT travel home. As he received his PR as a refugee, there is still significant risk he would be considered to have traveled himself should he do so. Having a PR does not afford him the same protection as having a Canadian passport. Travel to his home country or with his home country passport should be avoided at all costs. If he does use them or travel to Syria, he can loose his status as a PR and refugee in Canada should IRCC/CBSA decide to persue it.

    To sponsor his mother he will need to qualify for PGP sponsorship like everyone else. His siblings could only be sponsored if they were still considered dependents if the parents. Chances of getting a TRV for his family members is extremely low based on how he attained his PR (simply to prevent them claiming refugee status).
  4. He would need to apply for an RTD. RTDs are not recognized by every country. Agree with above unless he wants to risk losing protected person status he can not visit Syria and can not use a Syrian passport.

    Also won’t be possible to bring them to Canada right after his visit. Their options are economic immigration or to find a private sponsorship group to sponsor them.
  5. No - he cannot visit his home country. This can result in him losing his PR status.

    If he takes the risk of seeing them, he needs to be prepared for the possibility that he will lose his PR status in Canada.

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