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Received RQ


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Oct 22, 2014
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explorer_on said:

I had applied for Canadian citizenship in June 2014 and i received the acknowledgement and 'discover Canada' booklet.

Recently i received RQ and I have to send it within 45 days. I was kind of expecting this...

I immigrated to Canada as PR in June 2006 and lived there for 3 yrs( i have fulfilled the basic residency requirement-1095 days) before moving to USA in 2009. My husband is a Canadian citizen. Also, i got my PR renewed while I was living in USA. After we moved to USA we have visited Canada on and off for visa renewal and other personal occasions too.

So now that i have received RQ, my question is after i complete the RQ application and send it to them, once they review it say after 35 months, will they grant me citizenship?

Else i read in some websites that they might revoke my PR status as well... Is that true??

I am not sure whether to fill out the RQ application or not???

I would really appreciate if someone who has been in the same situation or knows something about this reply.

Thank you.


HELLO Explorer_on

You can count time spent outside Canada toward the residence requirement for a grant of citizenship ( ONLY ) in certain circumstances:
IF you spent the time with a spouse who is a Canadian citizen working at that time with the:

* Federal public administration of Canada.
* public service of a province.
* Canadian armed forces.

However living outside Canada with a spouse who is a Canadian citizen will allow you to maintain your PR status in Canada.

Good luck!


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Apr 25, 2013
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Regarding the question of whether you should fill out the RQ:

It seems clear that you will not be approved for citizenship because you have not met the residency requirements. So, there's little reason to go through the hassle of filling out RQ and collecting the extensive documentation required. If you don't send back the RQ, your application will be deemed abandoned.

Personally speaking though, I would recommend returning the unfilled RQ with a cover letter stating that you are withdrawing your citizenship application after realizing that you have not met the residency requirement.