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Re: FSW 2014 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by MDV, Mar 26, 2015.


    Medical Request

    At this stage we receive Medical instruction + Add docs +PCC + RPRF(+ In India PP request as well). All applicants as well as all dependents (accompanying or not) will be required to pass the medical requirement. The Medical examination requirement is mandatory and serves the following purpose.

    To protect the health of Canadian.
    To protect the safety of Canadian.
    To reduce and prevent excessive demand on Canada's health and social services.

    Note: The medical report is valid for one year from the date of completion.

    Security Clearance

    Each applicant over the age of 18 is required to pass the security requirement. All applicants must prove that they are not a threat to the safety of Canadian Society. Applicants provide this information through Police Clearances which the applicant must obtain directly and by passing the background clearance which the immigration authorities obtain on behalf of the applicant.

    After receiving Medical results by Regional Medical, they enter into GCMS 4.0 system, after that Otawa, Canada Check the medical results if they don't satisfy they email to applicant for further test, if they satisfy and approve the results they generate the following line of ECAS.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> In Process
    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Medical Results Have Been Received
  2. Forth line...........

    4. A decision has been made on your application. The office will contact you concerning this decision.

    Yipeeeeeeeee :p :p :p.....All the best to the still waiting

    Any ideas when do I get a PPR now with NDVO ?
  3. Hi Manveen,

    Don't worry, I'm Sep 10th Applicant, PER date on 29th Dec.... Waiting for Second Line update..... May be our time hasn't come yet...
  4. Hi All,

    Need your expertise!

    Good news is that I have been asked to pay RPRF today :D
    however, just to let you all know that I have already done with medicals and received by CIC ( updated in ECAS).
    So Medicals done and got RPRF request .

    I want to know what all documents I need send them?
    Should I send it via Courier or Email with requested documents.

    FYI: I have submitted all documents including PCC.

    Below is the draft from the attached document sent to me by CIC.


    This refers to your application for admission to Canada.

    In order for us to continue the processing of your application, we require the following:

     UID & MY NAME ***
     Medical: Complete or provide proof of completion of the Immigration medical examination for you This must be received at this office by: 2015/04/29
     RPRF: Pay the Right of Permanent Residence fee for you This must be received at this office by: 2015/04/29

    (Date format is YYYY/MM/DD)

    Failure to submit them within that time period could result in the refusal of your application. Please quote our complete file number on your correspondence and address your correspondence to the High Commission at the address indicated below.



    Immigration Section

    Can anyone tell me what all do i need to send to CIC, NDVO.
    Also, what would be the easy way to pay RPRF Fee?

    Thanks in advance!

  5. Thanks for the useful info :)

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  6. Easy way to pay the fee would be via CC. They have an online portal for fee payment.
  7. Hi i am August 15th Applicant with PER on 04th December but till date no MR nor second line updated.i am already countin 122 days from PER.it is such a painful wait but lets be positive in God's time ours will come.

  8. Congrats buddy

  9. Please please help !!
    I've submitted my passports to Vfs on 16-March with a cover letter that I am in india till 28-March (Saturday) and so requested to return passport early.
    I've not received my passports back till now.
    Is there any way to go to NDVO for that request and to issue my visa early as I cannot take much leaves from office now. I've already mailed them 2 times but no response from them.

    Please pleasr help. I want to go to NDVO for some request for the same.

  10. Congrats ! PPR.........coming soon 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
  11. Thanks dude for the udpate.
    I have gone through the CIC payonline link.
    i was about to pay online untill then neither my details ( My name or Uid or passport number) were there nor those fields were there to while regestering to pay online.

    so if we payonline, dont we have our name, U id or Passport # in the payment receipt?
    Then how is that they would receive the payment.

    Please help to clarify my queries.
  12. You can try going there...Not necessary that they would agree...
  13. Dude,

    Only the CC Card-holder's name would be there on the final receipt (PDF generated after online payment) with blank fields for Applicant UCI, Address, DOB, etc...You need to take a print of the receipt, fill in your details by pen and send the receipt to NDVO...
  14. Hi Friends,

    I am bit worried, I am 16th July applicant, sent MR/PCC/PoF on 18th Feb, but the status is still "In-Process" and with the 3rd line updated on 21st Jan.

    Any guess when I will get Decision Made/PPR?

  15. Dear All,

    I need your assistance. A brother linked me up here to learn and be informed. I received an acknowledgement FEDERAL SKILLED WORKER CENTRALIZED INTAKE OFFICE in November 2014 that my application is "IN PROCESS". I have not heard anything yet since then. Should I be very worried?

    Again, there are lots of abbreviations that I am finding it difficult to understand like PPR, DM, etc. Could you explain what they mean?

    Thank you

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