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Ray of Hope - 133rd Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by 13nitinsharma, Dec 11, 2019.

  1. It should be after he obtains his PR card, settles in Canada with a valid address proof.
  2. all depends. am married. so, double income. My wife has struggled emotionally in the first year. financially we are solid. so, everything is relative and extremely case specific.
  3. i don't think you should. the scores will come down
  4. 472. Dang, i guess its curtains call for me and my wife. We just started our process of ECA. LOL.... so much for the plan of immigration eh.
  5. Okay thanks . So since he already live in Canada for the past 1year,, I can claim the points immediately he gets the PRCard ?
  6. With a four weeks gap, we might be seeing 480 in Jan 2020, and with so much density of people on each score, coming down to 470 seems tough.The next FST draw might be coming in April 2020.
  7. I assume you're still waiting for your WES. Master WES + CLB9 = 50 additional points reward. So if you don't have WES now, you can only have 430ish.
  8. If they don't have an ECA now, they're ineligible.
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  9. QUERY
    I have an active EE profile in the pool, do not see an ITA anytime soon (CRS-417). Can I apply for a visitor's visa in the meantime with my EE profile still online, or could it pose a problem?
  10. As much as I want to believe this, the steady increase of candidates with scores between 450 and 600 points is scary. I just have to push further.
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  11. If you are below 37-38 years of age, high chances of a refusal
  12. You didn't have to be mean to present a view or opinion. Your words portray a lot about your upbringing but I'll let that slide.

    I presented you with reality that awareness cannot suddenly increase scores within 2 weeks because EE is a process that will require some time to study for Ielts and get an ECA report but you choose to be abusive and stick to your illusions.....

    Whatever makes you sleep is cool.
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  13. Hey guys! I started my work experience in Jan 2017. I heard I should have a 3 year experience in Dec 2019 and have my score updated to 475 automatically. But apparently it stays the same 450 until now. I wrote them a few emails, just couldn't get an answer. I'm wondering if they changed the score system this year and I could only have an updated score Jan 2020
  14. I'm 31, and that's what I thought.
  15. i havent received email yet, is it regular procedure?

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