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Ray of Hope - 125th Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by NikSharma01, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Have updated the score and waiting patiently for the draw
  2. Absolutely. That helps a lot. Thank you for sharing. What stream did you choose again? I enquired about the study on work permit. It is not allowed. And a full time study has to be minimum 15 hours in class per week.
  3. Guys, I dont think the quiz is gonna happen!!! CIC is about to skip today!! still not so sure!! Site is still the same!!
  4. why do you think so?
  5. I apologize in advance if I break any rules of this forum, this is my first post here and I hope someone can shed more light on this matter. I have been working as Restaurant Supervisor for more than a year now, I already have submitted my profile with 462 points(really hoping that 125th draw can change my fortune after so long). Back to the question, is it okay if I quit my job next week since I already have sufficient points, proof of letter along with pay stubs and the whole nine yard. The place where i work is toxic, I am constantly underpaid according to the market out there, long hours, no weekends off.
    Can someone please advise me if quitting now is the right thing to do?
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  6. Always there are changes or what before the draw in the site? in 2019 there were more than 100 draws. Was the site updated 100 times you mean to say?
  7. i have the same question lol
  8. When the draw is gonna happen? I'm slightly nervous
  9. Usually they make sites active/passive or active/active so that no down time is required for new updates. It is very common these days.
  10. Hey and welcome!

    If you have all papers needed from that company and you have completed your 3 years+ of experience, you can quit your job.
    One thing I'm not sure about is how long are the papers valid, with 462 points you willl surely get an ITA in the next draw so I think it's fine :)

    Congrats bro and I hope all the best for you :)
  11. If this draw doesn't come today, people may lose their minds lol. Easy...
  12. Don't spread negative vibe here please.
  13. Predictions for today's draw (if draw happens)

    "As we know only a few folks of the July 12th NOI group, have got the approvals last week and majority of them are still expecting the approvals this week! Thus, no approvals before the draw means there won't be any effect on the Cut-off as it was before."

    Taking this into consideration, we could expect a drop of 2-3 points in the cut-off (even more if there is an increase in the number of ITAs).

    454-456 with 3600 ITAs

    452-454 with 3900 ITAs

    Let's see if any of these predictions become true. Good luck everyone :)
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  14. I am at 457 and have submitted for oinp on 22nd August .Now my doubt is am I still eligible to get ITA and if so what if I get an ITA today, shall I withdraw the oinp application and continue with ITA?
    Please suggest.
  15. There have only been 16 Express Entry draws as of now in 2019. Those '100' draws that you talked about include provincial draws too. Those don't form a part of Express Entry on their own, and thus do not warrant maintenance or updation.

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