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Ray of Hope - 123rd Draw

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by 13nitinsharma, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Pa ji 455 da koi estimate daso
  2. U are safe, wid biweekly draws
  3. What a disappointment! I can't hide my bitter disappointment!
    My CRS score is 458 and my profile is expiring on the 3rd August 2019.
    I've become so disheartened!!!
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  4. Yes, that can be a scenario. Lots of PNPs may have been issued after 19th July, which are not visible in the table. But again, not all PNPs are issued in one go, some may still be remaining.
  5. U r right. CIC has been defying its own set patterns of past years. Dare I say there's FST draw that's due, which can wreck another havoc and all of us know the devastating effects. This is what that may lead to a sharp increase in cutoff, which u r hinting at.
  6. If you have followed the ROH threads, you will know it can take up to 24 hrs before you get the email.
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  7. Guys, do you feel 451 still has a chance to go by the end of this year? I am 448 after 8.1 and am trying to max out IELTS so I get an additional 3 points..But seeing such high ee score, idk if it still makes sense to struggle with that 3 points
  8. So I should not re-take my ielts? My profile was created in July so for sure I’m not getting the ITA this time.
    I’m just very tensed.
  9. U should not worry. At 458, u should be ok even with the tie breaker.
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  10. Looks very far
    And if the luck is bad, I am afraid that it may never reach
    Brother , please try to improve ur score, don’t get carried away by sweet posts/hopes
  11. From what I've seen, the pattern (including the delayed draws) is more or less the same as last year's. It appears the only difference is that there are way more people in the pool this year. If it's any consolation, the FST draw that took part in September last year did not interfere with the fortnightly draws. So I'm optimistic the score will continue to fall (however slowly) for the rest of the year.
  12. ahhhh....stuck at 458
  14. Wow, with CRS 458 I thought I might not get an ITA because of the tie breaker rule (submitted on July 8th), but 458 didn't even get invited. So upset right now.
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  15. please, can someone help? I am kinda freaking out right now. Has anyone of you had to deal with such a situation?

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