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Questions on upcoming soft landing

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Aarplusbee, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. My wife and I got our PR sometime back, going to Canada for a week to do the PR formalities this Tuesday (8 October). Will be making the big move sometime next year, around April. Will be giving a friend's address in Toronto for PR card and this friend is coming to my country (India) in 3 months time, so will get the card along with him.

    Have the following questions-

    1. I read somewhere that since we aren't landing as settlers, we don't need to declare goods accompanying and goods to follow list to CBSA. Is that true?

    2. For jewellery valuation can I prepare a sheet with price in CAD of each item along with the picture? Or do I get it done from a jeweller with his stamp or something.
    This should go in goods to follow right? Some of it will be with me right now and some I'll get later. If possible, can someone share a sample of it.

    3. Should I get a bank account opened and deposit some money, like $500. Many banks have newcomer offers going on like no fee for first 12 months, that I can avail. Though I want to avoid any ties w.r.t. tax with Canada, should I avoid opening bank account?

    4. G1 licence - planning to take the written test for this. I have a driving history of more than 10 years in my home country, after getting G1 when can go for G2? Since G2 requires an appointment, not sure if I'll be able to take it this time but I want to go for it when I move later, which will be around 6 months from now.
    Similar to bank account, will a DL lead to any ties with Canada that I should avoid when I don't plan to settlepermanently?

    5. Proof of funds at airport - We plan to carry around CAD 1000 and USD 500 with us for this trip. If asked at the airport, should we inform them that we only in Canada for a week and not permanently? Although we plan to carry our bank statement with amounts greater than CAD 20,000 on conversion. Do you think we will have any problems. Have booked and paid for Airbnb for our stay.

    6. Virtual phone number - I want to use one to apply for jobs, any recommendations on this?

    Thanks in advance folks.
  2. 1. Yes
    2. Yes, itemisation of value is only needed for expensive jewellery for ex. Say a precious wedding ring that is almost half of total value
    3. It is a secondary tie but cra goes by extent of tie. So a small account balance should not matter.
    4. You can directly go for g as well. Booking a driving test for g2 or g requires an appointment that usually is only available more than a month in advance, so you would be able to book it in 3 months. For taxation, I am not sure.
    5. No problems
    6. Search these forums for a recent thread on it

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