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Question on Spouse to work in Canada

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by balkarthik, Nov 12, 2019.

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    Hi there,

    I'm in a big dilema with my PR and Work permit extention that are getting processed parellel.

    1. My work permit expiring in Nov 2019 end - i have applied for extention and filed the same for me and my family.
    2. I have a submitted the document for PR under CEC class. Medical Passed , but still the application is in progress.

    My wife is current working in a permanent job in BC (open work permit). But i'm been told by my company (not IRCC) to go back to india in next couple of weeks.

    Question 1 - Can my wife continue working here without me in the country, with the filed work permit which is not yet approved?
    Question 2 - Will there be any problem for my PR? What should i do for this?
    Question 3 - Can my wife apply for a open work under her company to continue working here? In that case is she elligible to work until she gets approval?

  2. Why are you being told to go back to India? Did IRCC tell you that in a decision letter?
  3. No, its not from IRC. I'm from india based IT company and my assignment suddently ended. Hence moving back.
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    Thanks for the detailed reply... :) I did file the work permit extention and later recieved ITA. When i asked my company for BOWP, they are telling me to wait for COPR (or) decision to the current work permit whichever comes first.

    Why do you suggest BOWP instead work permit extention? Any reason for that?

    Even if i go out of country, I still can come to canada once i recieve my COPR? Right?
  7. Thanks a lot for your response. Indeed it helped a lot in taking decesion.

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