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Query on PR

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Imtiazkhan06, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. Hello!

    I have some queries under the below mentioned circumstances:
    1. If wife is the PA, then does the dependent spouse can stay in Canada despite the PA leaves?
    2. After getting the COPR, does both the PA & dependent become independent in applying for PR & staying in Canada or the PA must stay in Canada? I mean if the PA leaves Canada after landing then can the dependent spouse stay alone & pursue for studies/work & maintain the PR status independently in Canada?
    3. Is there any obligation to receive PR about government employees holding official passport?
    4. After getting the PR card, if someone applies for an official passport in the country of origin, does it create any problem in entering Canada?
    5. If the PA leaves Canada after landing & the dependent spouse stays back, then can He/She apply for the passport meeting the duration of 1065 days & sponsor the PA provided, PA does not maintain the PR status like stays outside of Canada for more than 2 years on last 5 years?

    Please help with your experiences & references.
  2. You must be married or common law when applying together. If you are separated or in the process of separating the PA should not be including the dependent. If you are already planning on separate lives before you receive PR this is immigration fraud.
  3. Nothing like that. The PA needs to come back for some work related obligations. After applying for the PR card/return after landing in Canada. In that case, can the dependent stay back & maintain the PR status?

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