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Query about Post ITA application details


Sep 26, 2020
Saleha Maqsood <salehabtemaqsood@gmail.com>
3:17 PM (2 hours ago)

to info
I have received my ITA.
1. Work history : in this section do I need to add each and every job j took, for eg a 6 month stint as a tutor, which is not part of my 2 engineering work experiences which gain me marks. Also I have a part time job add on to my main occupation job, shall I add that? Basically I only want to add the two jobs which are off my marks NOC and other jobs I don't want to add as I may not be able to get a letter from those jobs. In activity history, each and every day in past 10 years is accounted for.
2. Travel history: I shifted to Singapore for 4 years for masters and job, shall I add the round trip of the day I went for good and the day I returned for good in this section, or no need to add this travel.
3. While I was in the air, shifting countries(from Pakistan to Singapore) , in those 2-3 days, what must be my residential address? The one i flew off from in my home country?
I will appreciate the help.