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Queries regarding tourist visa form

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by chandu86, May 16, 2018.

  1. I am filling the online application for Canada Temporary Resident Visa. I plan to visit my sister-in-law's family. When filling the form, for purpose of visit - should I select Family Visit or Visit or Tourism.

    As I understand, the definition of family for Canada visa is spouse, children and grandchildren. So what should I select?
  2. Family visit
  3. Thanks for your reply. But just to clarify, they define "family" as spouse, children and grand children. So can I still select family visit in the imm7257 form for purpose of visit?

    Also, could you please provide your opinion on the following. Please let me know in case the following information is sufficient for my reapplication. My recent TRV got rejected because of the following reasons -

    Visa officer was not satisfied that I would leave Canada at the end of my stay as temporary resident. The following reasons were highlighted –
    1. Family ties in Canada and in country of residence
    2. Purpose of Visit
    3. Personal assets and financial status
    To address these issues, I have written a cover letter clearly stating the purpose of my visit. I will by accompanying my father-in-law and mother-in-law to visit my sister-in-law's family. I have also got an invitation letter from my sister-in-law undertaking that she will let me stay at her place. I have also mentioned that my wife is not accompanying me and my father is also in India and that I have a job to resume in India.

    I also plan to submit the following documents in my online application -
    1. To establish family ties in country of residence (India) and reasons to come back
      1. Wife’s employment letter
      2. Her recent salary slips
      3. Her passport copy to show that she is in India
      4. Our marriage certificate copy
      5. My company leave letter stating the purpose of leave
    2. To establish my relationship with my sister-in-law
      1. Birth certificates and passport copies of my sister-in-law and my wife to show that they have same parents
      2. My marriage certificate and passport copies (my wife’s and mine) to establish that we are married
    3. To establish that my sister-in-law lives in Canada and her financial status
      1. Her permanent resident card copy
      2. Her residential lease agreement copy
      3. Employment confirmation letter from her company
      4. Her recent salary slips and T4 copy
    4. Purpose of Visit
      1. Invitation letter from my sister-in-law
      2. Letter addressed to embassy by my sister-in-law
      3. My return flight tickets, along with my father-in-law’s and mother-in-law’s flight ticket to show that we intend to travel on the same flight to Canada
      4. Visa details of my father-in-law and mother-in-law
    5. To establish my financial status and personal assets
      1. My recent salary slips
      2. My IT return filings
      3. My latest bank balance statement - INR 7,16,637/- (which also show the monthly salary credits)
      4. My latest equity and mutual fund investments statement – INR 11,96,856/-
      5. My public provident fund account balance – INR 3,33,442/-
  4. Yes, it is still a 'Family visit'.

    For a tourist, you would need to include hotel bookings, etc + as a tourist, there's no compelling reason to visit compared to a family visit.

    Keep in mind, your cover letter must be supported by hard evidences (referenced wherever required). Only the cover letter won't work.

    1. Have they been granted TRVs?
    2. It would seem unusual that you (and not your wife) is accompanying your in-laws to visit your sister-in-law. Any reason why your wife has not applied for a TRV?
    3. Does your wife have a TRV?

    These documents do not indicate that she will remain in India during your visit.


    You must include a detailed day-by-day plan for your visit + expense estimates.... and prove you can afford this visit + airfare without depending on anyone

    Don't book tickets before the TRV is issued. It is not required + does not assure a TRV.

    What is the purpose of your visit? For how long?
    Are you traveling to accompany your in-laws? Or for some other reasons
  6. IMO, this is one of the main reasons why you have been refused:
    1. As adults, your in-laws can travel on their own without you.

    2. Your in-laws tickets indicate a stay of three months = You are likely to overstay = It explains the 'Family ties' refusal reason.

    Also, not sure if your in-laws mentioned a visit of a few weeks in their applications, and now their tickets (which you included in your application) prove the contrary to their initial claims.

    IMO again, if you want to have chances of a TRV approval:
    1. Cancel your current tickets. Defer your plans to visit Canada by a few months after your in-laws' entry date.

    2. Do not reapply until a few months later. And, when you apply don't give the purpose of visit as wanting to accompany your in-laws for the return flights home.

    3. Prepare a detailed day-by-day itinerary of what you intend to do when you visit.... specific activities for each day, not broad/generic sightseeing plans.

    4. Include a Travel History explanation for the last 10 years (tabular format): Visa details + entry/exit dates + purpose of each visit + color scan the UK, Ireland and Schengen visas.

    5. Evidence of family ties: Wife and you live at the same address + marriage certificate + joint bank account/joint financial investments + an explanation she cannot travel due to work commitments

    6. Focus on your employment + include must-return-by-a-specific-date work commitments with evidence

    7. Include any other personal commitments to return home by a specific date with evidence

    8. Include evidence of property ownership documents or a lease agreement in your name + other related evidence (NOT just a CA report)

    9. Evidence of other family members who are dependent on you (financially or for your well-being). For example, your parents

    10. Your mutual funds/ PPF can be shown as part of your overall financial situation. You cannot state these amounts in 'Funds available for my visit'

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