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Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by quebec100, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. CV as in Curriculum Vitae? How come that your application is taking so long?
  2. Hi guys,

    Got my ppr yesterday. My timeline is below for your reference:

    Federal File Received - Jan 2018
    AoR/UCI - Mar 2018
    Document request: May 2018
    Documents recieved: Jun 2018
    1st Medical Request along with Prearrival Email - Aug 2018
    1st Medical results recieved: Sep 2018
    2nd Medical Request and results recieved: Aug 12 and 15 2019 respectively
    DM and PPR - Aug 22nd 2019

    Hope everyone in this forum will enjoy the boring wait time and see you guys in QC.
  3. Hi,

    Congratulations. Please where are you from and when did you received mail for second medical.
  4. Congrats!!!!
  5. Congratulations :) enjoy ur stay in QC
  6. Congratulations!!
    Can you please share from which country you applied??
    I also did my remedical and my application date and AOR date is same as yours.
    Hope I will too get PPR soon.
    Finger crossed!!
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  7. yes. They have not looked into it since last Aug. In Aug 2018 eligibility, criminality and everything was passed but security screening has not been started yet!!!
  8. What’
    what’s your timeline? I believe your PPR will be soon , they just want to update your file. Good luck!
  9. Great! Wish you the best!
    I could not see you in the spreadsheet that we track our timelines. You can add yourself there :p

  10. My timeline is as follows:
    AOR: Dec 2017
    APP: Feb 2018
    MR: April 2018
    MR Passed: May 2018
    CV Request: Aug 2019
  11. how long after DM to receive PPR ?
  12. Timeline-
    Federal Lodge- April 2018
    Medical- July 2018
    Prearrival- Oct 2018
    Remedical done- Aug 2019

    Just called today and the agent told me that all of the Screenings- Medical, Criminal , Eligibility and the latest- Security have passed... and just need to wait for DM/ PPR.

    How many days/ weeks of waiting for DM/ PPR after Security passed? Is it true that since Security check is done by a third party and all other screenings have passed, it will just be awaiting review by an officer to be given a PPR and has slim chances of refusal? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi all,
    App recieved - oct 2017
    First med June 2018
    Second med- Aug2019 and 19 Aug 2019 passed
    Eligibility and criminality passed, security not started as per GCMS, but same not updated in Ecas or GC.
    Anybody with similar timeline?
  14. File received N/S 7/3/2019
    Aor/Biomatric request 14/5/2019
    Biomatric done 21/5/2019
  15. File received N/S 7/3/19
    Aor /Biomatric request 14/5/19
    Biomatric done 21/5/19
    When would our medical request be there

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