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Quebec Self Employed

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by mismailm, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. Still nothing....
  2. I want to apply for this category. I am doing my Farming business and BSc Agriculture. I am from Pakistan. Please let me know my eligibility.
  3. This category is currently filled.

    Here's the basic info:
  4. I want to know whether Farmers with BS Agriculture are eligible for this category and what is the processing time?
  5. Hi ,
    I also have applied for Quebec Self employed from Hong Kong.I got my AOR as well.
    Have you or anyone here got Certificate of selection / Approval yet from April 2015 Applicants ?
    Thanks everyone
  6. Hi guys,
    I have applied for Self employed quebec certificate of selection.

    I am from Hong Kong.Here are my application details.

    1) Documents Received by them on June 16th 2015
    2)AOR Received July 7 in Hong Kong.

    I have checked online,It shows there were no applicants from Hong Kong last year so no processing time give.I believe May be even this year i am only applicant.

    I am not sure How long is the processing time ?

    Has any one received CSQ from 2015 self employed applicants ?Is Interview mandatory ?

  8. Hi,
    I wants to migrate to Canada as coach. I have come a cross self-employed category which allow wrestling coach who have 7 years of wrestling Coach experience. Be a proud member of sports family. i was wrestler for 12 years.i got lot of reconigation from Government, Non Govt. & other institution.In 2008, i started my career as awrestling coach.latest achievement, my trainee has won bronze medal in 2016 asian cadet wrestling championship,Taiwan. I have one year degree of Physical Education after graduate and 36 years old. I would like to know if I qualify under this category or is there other conditions involved.

    India :)
  9. brother have you heard anything yet ? back from them.
  10. Hi , have you got any reply from them yet ?
  11. Bother i have also applied in same category in june 2016 ,
    have you received any reply yet after the AOR ?
  12. hi , have you heard anything back from them yet ?
  13. i got aor june 2015 and csq june 2016
  14. hi have you heard anything yet ?
  15. ____

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