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Quebec Investor program update

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by sarabi, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. I applied in September 2010, in last category where net worth should be CAD$ 800000.00, my document acceptance received in December 2010,
    In August 2012, I receive letter for submit updated documents, and send all updated information in September 2012,
    January 2013 I receive letter from QIIP that “my application is in waiting for selection interview”, but didn’t receive any interview call yet,
    Deal all kindly share your updated experience or comments
  2. Thanks or your updates. It means they are working on it. Hope very soon you will get the call for interview.
  3. @Leo : 4687 ............. :)
  4. Actually they have been working since many years, but you know there is some difference between Investor category and others, I mean when I businessman plan for immigration, that means he is planning to di business there, but if waiting list is unidentified period for many years, their business interest killed and they apply just for passport,
    Canada immigration mush think and differentiate between investor and other category,
  5. Earlier I sent this massage to you. Do you have any updates.


    May be I cannot help you in this issue but I can share my time line for your reference.. I had applied on or about last of 2009 and got the interview letter on February'12. My interview held on first week of june'12.
    I got my CSQ on October. I had submitted my application for federal part on same month and got acknowledgement from CIO last week. Now waiting for the next steps.

    I heard that CIC is too busy for the pending files and that is the reason in every part they delayed for the next process.

    I think if your docs are in order then they will come back to you soon ( In Shaa Allah )
  6. Any one have the idea??
    My file has been sent to visa office, Singapor, from CIO last one and a half mont ago. Still I didn't hear any thing from visa office.

    To hear from visa office how much time should I wait???

  7. Dear forum mates,

    Can any one let me know the meaning of my E-case statues,

    Till yesterday I saw there was the address of my representatives but today I found there is my present residential address. Why it's changed?

    I got the Aknowladgment from CIO not from visa office.
  8. dear Sarabi
    it depends to where you applied , which in turn depends on your nationality
    it takes in average from 46 to 60 months to get the visa (if you are Quebec applicant)
    notice that this period is only for federal process only which means Quebec process period is not included
    you mentioned something very very precious Sarabi about differentiating between immigration categories but let me tell you that they have not got to that level yet , even more they are such employers in the embassy who do not care whether this immigrant is the right one to come or not , whether this category has to processed in hurry for Canada`s interests , their only concerns that they get a salary at the end of the month.
  9. Hi,
    Do you have any updates? Long time I didn't see any of your post.

  10. Does any one have any updates for QIIP ??
  11. What's going on?? Only Allah knows.....
  12. @Leo12 : Very true :)
  13. Hi mates,

    So far I heard investor Catagory takes priority for processing but by comparing with QSW processing hope we (investor applicant) may get some idea on it.

    I took few time line from few applicant only for federal part.

    Name Federal Applied AOR MR
    Noabeg. 11/05/11 27/10/11. 21/10/11
    Nmagedn. 31/05/12. 16/07/12. 16/07/12
    Mnaza001. 10/05/12. 05/07/12. 05/07/12
    Merwico. 10/12/12. 30/01/13. 14/02/13
    Tex2011. 04/12/12. 20/01/13. 08/03/13

    There are some more......

    Comparing with this we can see that after applying to federal part QSW getting their AOR/Mr by 2/3 months but what about QIIP ?

    Does any one have any updates ?

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