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quebec invester

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by sandeepbhargav, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. dear friends
    don't worry

    Important notice – Immigrant Investor Program

    The Ministère de l’Immigration et des communautés culturelles (MICC) du Québec has taken note of the federal government’s intention to abolish its immigrant investor and entrepreneur programs. However, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has confirmed that the Ministère’s Immigrant Investor Program and Immigration Entrepreneur Program will not be affected by this decision. Moreover, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has also confirmed that the Ministère will be consulted on future regulatory changes in order to ensure that competencies in Québec are respected. The announcement on February 11, 2014 does not affect the programs in Québec.

    with best regards
  2. Sandeep,

    God bless you man !!!

    This is such relief piece of news you have given and just hoping things
    will happened soon for everybody.

    Take care!!

  3. Dear friend

    i have applied for business immigration on april 2011. i got the confirmation letter on october 2011.
    in April 2012 they have notified me if there is any update as there will going to review my case. i send them all the update . after - on october 2013 they have asked me my narative documents which i submitted on november 2013.
    since then no ans... i am really really worried. can anyone help me ?
    how long it really takes to get QSC?
  4. Before QSC you may ask for an interview. In my case I had to wait approx 2.5 years for interview call.
    May Allah bless us all.
  5. Good wat about federal investor ,who apply under federal investor ....?

  6. Hello,

    If you are under federal then yes it will be but if you are under Quebec Provincial program then
    you don't need to worry.

    I spoke to my lawyer and he is saying that even Federal ones will start soon as they cannot just
    cancel it like this but God only knows how much is truth in this.

    All the best !!

  7. dear leo
    2.5 years is after you apply or after your file is accepted? then after csq how long it took for you.
  8. My file was accepted on january'2010 and asked for interview on June'2012.
  9. hello leo and viz sagar

    I was submitted my application under qubec selected self employer in federal dec 2012. I got my csq in April 2012 and interview was not conducted for my case.my file is in process feb 2014.
    but last week i got mail from IMMIGRAT@internatinal.gc.ca as follow:
    It has been determined that, in order to continue processing your application, a personal interview will be required. Your file is currently in a queue for interview scheduling, on the basis of its application received date. It will be scheduled according to its place in the queue for your category of application.

    my question is that I have been fulfilled all requirement than why personal interview will be required.

    waiting your reply
    sandeep bhargav
  10. Sandeep,

    As far as I know that all applicants under Quebec investor program have to be interviewed without
    fail and this has been case of all the people I know around me and in this forum as well.

    In this interview you will have to have your wife present as well and they will want to know all
    about you and the business you have declared in your file whether you are doing what you have
    declared in your papers and all about your assets, family and how you can integrate into Quebec
    society and whether you really plan to settle down in Quebec or not? This is general interview
    and will surely want to know in detail all about your assets for sure.

    I don't know how they decide which place you have take the interview in but I live in Dubai and
    originally from India and had to travel to Montreal for the Interview so had to get visit visas done
    for all the family members and went all the way to Montreal.

    Don't worry it will be OK and your file is in progress situation so let us hope for the best buddy!!!

    All the best !!

  11. hello viz

    thank viz for reply

    I think you faced interviewed for csq and quebec immigration's member was conducted that interview.
    but in my case I had already got csq and according to my knowledge qubec is selecte his own immigrants when quebec have selected me already than why federal conducted that interview.
    and one more question is in my mind if my interview is conducted in India than they will give me opportunity for language selection for the interview. or my interview have to faced in specific language.

    with best regards
    sandeep kumar
  12. Sandeep,

    As advised interview is must for everyone and not sure how and who decides where the interview
    will be held.

    Language is not a problem at all as they ask you well in advance if you will need an interpreter or
    not and if you need then they also ask which language you need and will arrange accordingly.

    Don't worry buddy and relax!!!

  13. Hello vizsagar...I just want to share that I ve already got csq under investor category without interview.
  14. Congratulation.
  15. Hi Har,

    This is very good news and congratulations.
    So what is the next step ? Have you been told anything to do next?

    Please share.

    God bless!!!

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