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Quebec Immigration - Is French Mandatory

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by TarunVerma, May 13, 2009.

  1. Hi all, I am planning to apply for Quebec PNP. Just wanted to know if French is mandatory to apply for this Visa even though one can make required points without the knowledge of French?
  2. Yes, French is mandatory. No French, no QSW visa. If you do their self assessment, you will see that.
  3. u can't survive without french in montreal/quebec

  4. Actually you can survive in Montreal if you have an English speaking job and stay in the English neighbourhood. Having been a tourist in Montreal, you can mostly get by in stores etc. without French as well. But Quebec requires French for their immigration.
  5. Thanks, I was there only for a week in montreal i saw everyone speaking french.. may be you are right

  6. Please don't mislead people, no such words saying that "French is mandatory". however, if you know French, you may get more points and you can do better when interview.

    I suggest people who pass the score point and who know English well but don't know French could apply for this program, and during the processing time, he/she can learn some French so that during the interview, he/she can get some points.

  7. For QSW French is mandatory, remeber the question was about PNP. French would not be mandatory for example Alberta PNP.
  8. Ok, if you want to apply for the Quebec skilled worker without knowing any French, by all means do it and make sure to come back and tell us how it went. Good luck.
  9. for people with statistics/bio-statistic degree,it's pretty easy even you get 0 point in the interview. do more study please. check their immigration law word by word.

  10. French is a requirement for Quebec.
  11. Please, please show me any link which says "French is a must".

    no such rule, for people who is not good at knowing these stuffs, please DON'T mislead those people. you should note that in Quebec, there are still lots of job which only use ENGLISH, for example , a researcher in a university.

    people always make conclusions without any study

  12. What do you mean Misleading? If you do not hava a level of French you'll be turned down. My Friend was turned down Just for that.
  13. Well it could not be required, but without French you wont be able to pass the point system. Unless you have super experience and couple master degrees, and family in Quebec as well.

  14. Because your friend doesn't have "super experience" and "couple of master degrees". it doesn't mean "French is a must". all because your friend's application is too weak. what i want to tell you is that some of my friends who have couple master degrees and they pass the point line without knowing any French. they also have five year U.S work experiences and a short stay in Quebec.

    if you won Nobel prize, do you think Quebec will reject you because you don't know French? LOL

  15. well it's the rules, wahtever you have a nobel price or no. Dont you guys read? it's like someone who want to immigrat to the US without having any knowlegde of english.


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