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Qubec immigration - need Help

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Matilda1988, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. I need a help ... i am new on this forum.

    Recently i have received medical request from immigration - Quebec Program.

    As per my agent we have to update our files, problem is the time we applied i was studying and was dependent ,had all the relevant documents as in enrollment letter etc, but now as per our agent we have to show/update that i am a full time student and a dependent.

    i graduated last year , is there any options , or what is the file update procedures when you receive medical, is it necessary.

    All your help will be highly appreciated , as we have only 30 days.
  2. If you were over 22 when the application was submitted, then you needed to remain in school full time to continue to be classified as a dependent in the application. If you stopped attending school full time in 2014 - then you are no longer classified as a dependent and should expect your name to be dropped from the application.
  3. Thank you for the response.

    Not a good thing to read , but do i have any other options?
  4. No - you don't have any options for keeping dependent status. There are two requirements for remaining as a dependent and you have to meet both: (1) stay in school full time without a break; (2) don't get married or become common law. Since you no longer meet #1, you are no longer a dependent and can't be included in your parents' application.

    I wouldn't bother doing the medical - it's a waste of money since you won't be approved to immigrate. Your parents should send a letter to the visa office indicating you are no longer a dependent since you are no longer attending school full time and requesting that you be removed from their application.

    At this point if you want to immigrate you will have to qualify independently (on your own).
  5. take addmission somewhr in back date besure its registered university
  6. thats what i am trying to do , but its not easy , infact its close to impossible.

    Thanks for the idea though.
  7. This is misrepresentation (i.e. lying in your application).

    Misrepresentation is punished with a refusal of the entire application (i.e. refusal for the entire family) and a 5 year ban from Canada (again, for the entire family).

    Extremely bad idea to lie unless you're prepared to ruin your parents' chances of immigrating.
  8. so i have no options, sad as i am very close. due to few months gap i have to suffer.

    i also dont want to lie
  9. SO i am planning to submit my degree and one year experience letter. i have taken admission for masters , but to cover my one year gap i have to show employment letter s work experience is required to enroll in master degree. i have my medical in coming week.

    i need your feedback guys , will this help or worth a try . what if my age is locked ?
  10. It would be so much easier to answer your query if you can tell the following:

    1) What's your lock-in age written in your file?

    2) Is work experience which you are showing 'internship' or 'paid'?
  12. The only way to make absolutely sure about lock-in age is to apply for GCMS notes. Apply for GCMS notes and find out about your lock-in ages which is written on your file. Otherwise, everyone else would just be speculating.

    If you were locked-in a below 22 on file, this issue will not effect you. However, you are considered Dependent type b, then showing paid work experience can be an issue when considering you as a dependent.
  13. what if its over 22 ? will they consider my status at this stage , where i only have to go through medical exam..i dont have options..cant lie or give fake documents.
  14. To be honest, if you are over 22, you need to make sure you are fulfilling two primary conditions

    1) Remain full-time student at a govt. approved institution
    2) Stay Dependent (and don't get married)

    If you can't, you won't be considered dependent. It's as simple as that.

    They can ask for more supporting documents at any stage. They asked for my dependent's educational documents, before issuing PPR. Regarding medicals, we have given our medicals two or three times before we got our passports stamped.

    Faking or lying will lead you to dead end. If any of the applicant lie, whole application would get affected. Everyone would be banned for 10 years (if I'm not mistaken).
  15. Thank you for your response.
    I was a full time student but graduated recently. so now i have few months gap.
    i have taken admission now as i needed to do internship to apply for masters, and fortunately instead of internship i got a job.
    Now recently we have received a medical request, i do have a admission but i have few months gap in between.
    Different people are saying different things , some say it will not cause an issue as case was already approved and medical is the last stage and some are saying opposite , i am totally confused and uncertain. .

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