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Quarantine related queries on arrival


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Jan 15, 2019
Hi Everyone,

I am planning to come in late october this year with my family, would really appreciate if someone can help with their latest experiences in the following queries.

1. i have with me PR Cards for all the family members, is there any thing else requried to clear the immigration especially in prespective of COVID-visa restrictions.
2. Is AirBnB the right option for quarantine or should i ask someone to arrange privately , i am preferring airbnb.
3. would taxis be available From airport ?
4. are there any local services who can arrange groceries during quarantine period.
5. what are the options to get sim card during quarantine.
6. any service provider who provides canadian no through VOIP ?

really appreciate your help , please share if anything else i haven't mentioned and still worth considering.



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Jul 27, 2017
For Airbnb, make sure you get a "completely to your own" unit or a single house that's not shared.
Do not try to rent rooms that share any part of the house with someone else.
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