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Purpose of Visit to canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by coollooks, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Pls i have an uncle who wants me to visit him in canada but i need a genuine purpose of visit that will be written in the invitation letter to convince the visa officer to grant me the visa and if possible a copy of a good invitation letter
  2. Not sure how you would want a forum to provide you, personally, with a genuine purpose to visit? Perhaps try telling them the reasons YOU want to come to Canada.
  3. Thanks for your reply....I am just going to visit my cousin but i don't think thats enough reason to convince the visa officer to grant the visa so thats why i want opinions of different purpose of visit maybe i can get one that is more situable..
  4. Only you would know why you want to visit your cousin and uncle.

    Hint: Why have they invited you?
  5. He just wants me to visit him in Canada, see around Canada, meet his wife and kids but i still feel the visa officer might not be well convince since i am just his cousin not his immediate brother
  6. There you have your answer! You will be visiting for a family visit + for sightseeing/tourism.

    You can prepare a detailed day-by-day plan for your visit (sightseeing, meeting family, or staying at home on some days) + include estimated expenses for each day.

    It doesn't matter that he is your cousin. It would be the same even if your brother had to invite you
  7. Thank you..i really appreciate
  8. Yes, just tell them the truth. It's really bad idea to lie to IRCC.
  9. and be make sure you have visited few countries in past as well either it won't make any sense to apply to see family they can simply reply that they can come and see you if they want Good luck
  10. Yes i do have traveling experience to like 5 countries..i think that is good
  11. Pls i want to know the best way to get an invitation letter..Should it be mailed to me or email to me so i can print it out
  12. Do check with your local VAC/VFS. Some visa offices required a notarized letter (so it must be mailed to you), whereas other visa offices will accept a PDF version of the invitation letter
  13. Okay..Thank You
  14. Please can anyone provide me with a good sample of introduction letter for Canadian Embassy
  15. Do you mean you want an invitation letter?

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