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May 3, 2018
Hi everyone
I am permeant resident of Canada since 2018 , I have never left Canada since I landed as PR in 2018 , on May 2022 after I applied for my citizenship application I went for a vacation to Turkey , unfortunately I lost my PR card during my vacation in Istanbul.

on May 17 I applied for PRTD as urgent process via VSF office depending on the fact that my visa to turkey will expire on June 6th and i have to leave Turkey after that in addition to that i need to return to my work , so far I heard nothing back from Ankara office .

  1. dose anyone have applied recently and got the passport request at least ?
  2. do you think my application will be treated as urgent process or my reasons are not enough ?
  3. is it better to re apply from Tel Aviv since I moved there after my visa got expired?
  4. dose anyone know what is the approximate processing time in Ankara for this kind of applications ?