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PRTD with expired PR card?


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Feb 1, 2015
Never said it was related to retaining to PR but given that OP mentions having returned to Canada multiple times and worked for 6 months and filed taxes they should be aware that they should contact CRA so they aren’t receiving benefits that they will have to repay with a penalty. If they do return to Canada it is in their best interest not to end up with a large repayment amount to CRA.
Perhaps it would help if you made it clear, which can be done easily by stating: 'these are not things IRCC looks at for the PRTD application but you should keep in mind.' Or something similar.

The things that 'need to be done' in general are not the things that need to be done to retain PR status, which was the question at hand. Tossing in all the things you want people to know they've done wrong (however pure your motivations might be) muddies the waters without the proper context.
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Jan 24, 2016
Hi guys,

So my story is a little bit complicated, hopefully I will be able to explain my issue.

I am a Canadian permanent resident since childhood however due to the illness of a close family member l've spent more than 3 years overseas, so I do not meet the requirements for a PR card renewal. My card expired last month. Now I would have the chance to travel back to my family (everyone is a Canadian citizen, I was also raised by a Canadian step-father, I just couldn't get my citizenship due to the frequent travelling required to take care of the family member overseas.)

thought I could just grab my passport from another country and apply for an ETA when I read that permanent residency doesn't expire and if I was a resident of Canada ever then I need to obtain a PRTD or give up my permanent resident status.

First I would give a shot to keep my status as in the future I would like to go back to Canada as I was raised there (went to elementary, high school, etc.) have most of my family in the country, and consider myself a Canadian resident. Due to the unfortunate circumstances especially during the pandemic caused me to overrun the 3 year period which I am allowed to spend abroad for PR card renewal.

What are the chances that the PRTD will be given to me if I explain the situation? Has anyone ever been in the same position?

How long does this usually take? (My flight would be in March and unfortunately it is non-refundable.)

Any help or experience sharing is very appreciated.
Hello, did you travel to Canada eventually?