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PRTD processing time from India

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Pjk1, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Hello,
    Can any one please share the PRTD processing time for application submitted in India? I need to travel for a 2 weeks vacation before my new PR Card arrives. Hence need to get a PRTD before I can return. Wanted to know how long it will take.

    I believe my case should not be complex, as I became PR on Nov 08 the and is applying for PRTD as soon as I reached. And my return date back to Canada is in Jan. I am concerned to see if PRTD will be issued within 2 weeks, else I will have to extend my Leave.

    Appreciate your help.
  2. prtd processing time is actually 10-15 days
    but i didnt see even 1 case who got it in time.
    it takes few months.
    its a risk to leave canada before u get a pr card.
  3. Hey PJK1

    I am in a similar situation as yours , I landed on 9th Nov and still waiting for the PR card. Though I need to travel back to India for some urgent personal work for a week. Hence I am thinking of applying for PRTD incase I come back, can you please tell what is the scenario in your case and are you able to apply for PRTD , if yes then how much time did it take for your application to complete ?

    Please reply, I am in a confusing state i.e. whether to go for PRTD or not.

  4. Applied PRTD at chennai on jan 4th, with a covering letter asking to expedite..
    Now Fingers crossed..required travel date is jan 15
  5. did u recieve your travel document
  6. It is around 2 weeks thro VFS India.
  7. Hi,
    Today I received my passport back with PRTD stamped. It was dispatched on Friday 08th jan....So in my case, processing took 4-5 days and passport returned on 8th day.. Grt relief as I dont need to change the travel plan...
    :) :) :) :)
    Good luck to all who are applying PRTD.
  8. Hi,
    Did you apply PRTD thru VFS In-Person, Or you send courier to VFS Delhi?
  9. I applied in person at vfs chennai..they sent it to visa office at Bangalore(not Delhi)..
    Returned passport to me by blue dart courier
  10. Hello Everyone ,

    Just an update on the Processing time of PRTD from New Delhi(VFS), India.

    I applied the PRTD on 15th Jan 2016 and received the stamped PRTD visa on 21st Jan 2016. So total of 5 working days

    Prince Pal
  11. guys is it necessary to have employment in canada to be legible for prtd? i landed on 2nd december2015 , will apply for prtd in june 2016
  12. Hi

    1. No it is not a requirement, but you should have your PR card before June/16, so you won't need one.
  13. Thnaks PMM bro for you reply but please can you tell me what are the main considerations for a visa officer to issue you a travel document. Thanks a lot.
  14. Hi[

    quote author=aeropostale89 link=topic=390141.msg4949380#msg4949380 date=1454379695]
    Thnaks PMM bro for you reply but please can you tell me what are the main considerations for a visa officer to issue you a travel document. Thanks a lot.


    1. That you are meeting your residence requirement, or will be able to if you have been "landed" less than 5 years.
    2. If you don't meet your residence requirements, if there are any Humanitarian and Compassionate reasons why the PRTD should be issued.
  15. I applied on the 19th of Jan, my case is a bit more complex. PR card expired in 2013(was removed as minor and now am applying right after turning 18).

    Lets see how much time It'll take....

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