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PRTD on H& C ground

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by adlos2001, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. My parents with Myself age of 8years and my younger sibling age of 2.5 years landed as permanent residents under skilled migration in Canada on 24th March 2008. Within a few weeks, we had to rush to India as my maternal grandmother felt sick and hospitalized. My mother is the only child of her widowed mother. She was having health complications and hospitalization. My mother had to fly frequently during that time to look after her. Later, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a mental condition that required constant caregiving and assistant. My parents decided to bring her to Kenya as we, both siblings were also getting affected by her frequent absenteeism in the house and grandmother also required constant assistance and caregiving and since then from 2012 she is living under my mother’s caregiving. Due to these circumstances, my parents could not return back to Canada for fulfilling the residency obligation and in 2013, our PR cards got expired. We both siblings were under the age of 13 at that time.

    I turned 18 now and I would like to apply for PRTD to go to Canada and pursue medicine in Summer2020. KIndly advice.
  2. The chances are likely on the lower end but you should certainly try. Because your family stayed in Canada for such as short period of time after getting PR and you never established yourselves there, there's a higher chance IRCC will refuse the PRTD and say that H&C requirements haven't been met. But again, I would certainly try. You will want to provide evidence of your grandmother's condition.
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  3. The fact that your mother could have sought care for her schizophrenia in Canada where you could argue the treatment for mental health conditions is better creates some issues with your story. There seems to be a period between 2008-2012 where your mother was not caring for her mother plus it is unclear if her health requires constant care or she is just providing companionship and help for an aging member of the family. That is not a reason for H&C.

    Medicine is also not a bachelor program so you need to do at least a bachelors degree. In rare cases a few people have been admitted after 3 years. These days many of the medical students have masters degrees.

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