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PRTD help please please

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by Hiya, Oct 22, 2017.

  1. Dear friends my friends pr card has been stolen by her husband . But she can't prove all the matter. Her husband has no connection with her,she have been suggested to send email to singapore visa office. If she send an email to singapore visa officer describing what happened with her what could be procedure? What are the documents they can ask to me? Can there be any obstacle to apply and get pr td?
    Please help us.
  2. She should email the VO to report the theft but they can't replace her stolen card or take any action against her husband. She also needs to report the theft to the police.

    As long as she can prove that she meets the Residency Obligation, she will have no issues applying for a PRTD.
  3. Dear friend,
    Thanks for reply. What are the PR obligations? My friend got pr card in middle of this year and spend three months in Canada. She is out of Canada from last month. Is there any problem for this?

    She has a copy of general diary.Is it enough as document?

    What are the documents she needs for applying PRTD?

    In PRTD form, she needs to mention a Canadian address. As she is not with her husband and she has no clue where he is. Can she use her former address or she will use any other's address?I She has no copy of rental agreement.

    As she is not going with her husband, does there any problem to get PRTD? Does she has to show any found for herself? Is there any problem with Insurance or any other?
  4. As a new PR, she meets the Residency Obligation.

    No idea what a general diary is, nor what she would use it for.

    The document list in in the application.

    She should mention the address she plans to stay at when arriving in Canada.

    She should have no issues getting a PRTD. It has nothing to do with her husband. No idea what you mean about insurance.
  5. hi please tell me details how much time it takes you to get PRTD and what is the general inquiry from police
    please explain
  6. Processing times varies. It could take from 4 days to 2 months or longer.
  7. i applied to abu dhabi embassy

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