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PRTD from pakistan

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by juzi91, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. hello
    I had applied for my PRTD on Jan 12 and so far im still waiting for any kind of response from the embassy.
    I have already fullfilled my residancy obligation and before I came to pakistan I had also already applied for my PR renewal which has already been approvped for me to come and pick up from my local IRCC office. Its been almost 5 months now since i applied for my PRTD. I had given all the required documents to show my current living in canada. I provided them with my employment letter and univeristy enrollment letter as well. Cause of this delay I have missed 2 semesters of univeristy and and have lost my job as well.
    I am still paying my house rent and insurance and phone bill. I have emailed the Embassy in Islamabad and Abu Dhabi countless times. The embassy in Islamabad just tells me to contact the Abu Dhabi embassy, and when i contact the abu dhbai embassy they have been telling me the same thing since last 3months that my application is in queue for review by an officer. But how can it still be under the same situation for last 5months. I have expressed to them that I have lost a lot of precious time and now im running thin on money as well and wont be able to keep paying for everything i have set up there for my everyday life.
    I have also tried to get some help from my local MP but they have not responded. Even emailed the PM office, they have already told me their office cant help me on my situation.

    Can anyone provide me with any kind of suggestion to my problem or has anyone else gone through this issue.
  2. Get a US visa and enter Canada by a land border (drive or on foot) with your passport and expired PR card. No need to wait.
  3. juzi91,
    My case is almost similar to you. I have applied for PRTD from Kuwait. I believe the application for both of us are processed in Abu Dhabi.
    I have applied on April 18 and no news so far. I have also contacted the embassy 2 times and both time I got the same answer.

    is there any update in your situation?
    when I submitted my application to VFS office they indicated that the processing time is 2 months. what did VFS office in Pakistan told you?
  4. Hey guys. I applied for PRTD on May 19. Today is Sept 22.
    I emailed Islamabad high commission n they said it's with Abu Dhabi..abu Dhabi said an officer is reviewing your application n that was 1 month ago. Just wanted to ask you guys if any of you have received your passports with prtd and how long it took ?
  5. Im still waiting for mine, been 9 months. i have been very disappointted my canada gov now. Like i have been a tax paying resident there for last 9yrs. unfortunately i had to exit canada when my pr was expired and i got stuck here now. worst part is i dont have family in pakistan anymore. i have been staying with my friends. like there is a limit as to how long i can stay there. but i have no option now and i bearly am keep my expenses running
  6. good luck my friend. the way things are you will likely be sitting till next year before you hear something
  7. Yeah i got my prtd done in December. Took me roughly little more then 11 months. After that a super long wait at the airport in Toronto
  8. hi, how long does it takes you to get PRTD.?
    please update thanks

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