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Protest of the federal agent of Phoenix system affecting the citizenship test in Montreal


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Mar 10, 2017
This is absolutely trash , very long process ,, very unprofessional ,, gives us what type of image about IRCC ,, I am just waiting my oath letter and that's it ,, I am so happy that I wont deal with CIC in my life again


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Oct 6, 2008
The message I got from the phone service is that they will send it to us. During the phone call, I repeated the question several times, and she told me the same. However, I really encourage you to call them and see if get the same answer and share that here.

Just got off the phone with IRCC. Same reply. They are aware of the situation, sorry for the inconvenience, and we just have to wait for another email with a new date.


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Mar 31, 2014
My opinion about the IRCC was never kind. This time however, I think that what has been happening with this payroll system has impacted the lifes of a lot of federal employees. Some of these people have very valid and serious grounds to protest. It's not in their hand but rather a joint incompetent effort between the conservatives and liberals (that should be equally blamed) to launch the system without proper testing.

Please be a little patient. It's just a minor setback.
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