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Proof of relationship and status


Nov 21, 2018
Hi all,

I am applying for PR under CEC , and I have declared I have a aunt, in my application because they ask if I have any relatives who are citizens or permanent residents

1. I am going to submit a copy my aunts citizenship card to proof her status. Is this acceptable or should I provide her canadian passport?

2. Also, to proof my relationship with my aunt I'll provide my birth certificate, my mom's and my aunt's birth certificates because they are sisters.
However my aunts maiden name (shown in her birth certificate) is different from her married name( in citizenship documents). Does this matter? Or should I explain why the names are different?

3. All the utility Bill's are under her husband's name. So can I submit her drivers licence in order to proof that she resides in Canada?
I was told that cellphone Bill's are not acceptable, is that true?