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Proof of means of financial support

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Noodin, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. TRV application. My husband doesn’t have money in savings or a big number in his bank account however has good number in cash.

    What can we do to provide proof of means of financial support?
  2. He would need to prove that the cash was earned through legit sources and/or preferably with accompanying tax assessment.

    How did he get the cash?
  3. From family, inheritance monthly payments but money payments does not go into his name, also he sold his car over year ago

    Also is there anything I can do as he is visiting me
  4. He has proof he sold is car in feb 2017.

    How can we submit to prove he has cash ? What should we do.


    Thank you for your response.
  5. IMO, it will be difficult to prove the cash is his unless he has tax assessments that confirm this.

    Did he issue a cash receipt?

    1. Is he working or is he studying?

    2. Does he own property/land (legally in his name)? Financial investments such as bank term deposits, shares/stocks, pension funds, etc?

    3. What is your immigration status?
  6. I am a Canadian citizen. He is Egyptian.

    Yes he has a contract- bill of sale from the car sale

    He is on leave of absence with his employer while he currently completes university.

    No other financial investments
  7. IMO, this is the best option:
    Apply for spousal PR. Don't try the TRV route as it is highly likely to fail given his circumstances
  8. We have no other choice to go this way. I’m currently not working. I’m waiting for surgery however for recovery I need him here to care for our newborn. Therefore I can’t book my surgery because I have no one else to care for our son. There is just so much other things that’s resulting us to apply for a TRV. I’m stuck in the middle.
  9. IMO, a TRV will not work in this case:
    1. He has a Canadian citizen spouse (you) = He will overstay his visit = Try to avoid waiting the PR processing time in Egypt
    2. He does not have a PR application currently.
    3. A baby = His family ties to Canada will be stronger compared to his ties to Egypt
    4. No finances (at least finances that cannot be proved that they are his)
    5. He is a student.
    6. No property or other assets

    Unfortunately, this is not the advice that you would want to hear. Maybe it would be best to invite a female relative instead.... someone who can demonstrate that she has strong ties to her home country and good finances. I would not mention about your surgery nor that she will take care of your baby
  10. Thank you for your views Bryanna.

    I know this thread lost purpose.... sorry readers.

    I spoke to IRCC and explained my situation, I was advise to apply for a TRV, however, we are in the problem of proving finances. Can I use my finances to cover the stay ?
  11. Finances/offering to pay for his stay are only one aspect. You can mention it in your invitation letter.

    I believe your husband has a very weak application. Nonetheless, he can try for a TRV. He might get lucky

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