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Proof of Identification for G1 Knowledge Test

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by GeekSync, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. For the proof of Identification, you require 2 documents.
    I have a passport but don't have any other document. I haven't landed yet.

    What the other document I can show for the proof of identification
  2. Assuming you mean for Ontario, a quick Google provides the official answer

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  3. Errrr….. that IS the official reference!
  4. Yes, I thank you for that!:)
  5. @Hurlabrick

    I am staying in AirBNB in the first month. I am also going to get drivers license. Is it ok if I put a PO Box address on my driver's license ? Is it ok if I use Airbnb address? I know they don't check address proof.
  6. You cant use it as 'proof of address' for residence in Ontario, but you can of course use a PO Box number you are renting as the address to send the licence to if that is what you are asking. Just remember to change the address when you move to you permanent accomodation. Some houses in Canada have a PO box no as their official msiling address anyway (ours in Ottawa did).

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