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Proof of funds - Brazil

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by wprios, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys, In June I'll apply to Express Entry, but I have many questions about Funds. Help me, please.

    My money is deposited in a Conjunct Account (Conta Poupança Conjunta) with my grandmother. Do I have Problems on Proof of funds?
    If I transfer now the money for a Financial aplication (CDB, Fundo de Investimento) in the same Bank, Do I have problems? I'm able to draw out the money at any moment.
  2. Just get a letter like this from your current bank:

    If your funds aren't in a savings account (poupança) then make sure your bank adds that the funds and readily available and unencumbered, otherwise you'll need to translate the CDBs or Investments Funds information that shows that the funds can be withdrawn at any time.

    Also get a letter from your grandmother authorizing you to use all the funds in the account for the purpose of immigration.
  3. Tks man, but do you know if I can make the transfer, even applying in July, since I would not have been in the last six months in the account?
  4. You don't need to transfer the money, keep it in you joint account with grandma and just get a letter from her (com reconhecimento de firma em cartorio) saying the you can use the money in your joint account for immigration.
  5. Thanks a lot, g126!
  6. I don't recommend transfering your money form the savings account to CDB.

    I made that mistake. So when the time came to translate the account history, instead of just having to do the savings account, I had to pay for:

    - 6 months of "extratos" from the savings account
    - 6 months of "extratos" from the checkings account (since after maturing, the CDB reverted back to that one)
    - Produce a document that shows that the large cash transfer to the savings account so close to ITA was, in fact, from the CDB.
    - Write a LOE to explain it all.

    Too stressful. Keep it all in the savings account. Try to time your deposits so they always happen on the same day, as you'll save lines and lots of $$$ when the time comes to translate it all ???

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