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Profile says updated. But no changes in status and no email notifications.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Akhs, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. When I logged in my CIC account as usual, I found a little change under the details column, which is changed to "Updated", but I didn't receive any emails and no new messages in account either. When I re-logged in later, the status changed back to "Submitted". Anyone with similar experience? Please share your opinions. Thanks.
  2. Ghost update u will get ur ppr soon. Might be a week might be 48 hours
  3. Thanks for the reply. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hope it's d PPR. I have been all tensed since the so called ghost update turned up. I'm a cec inland applicant. Is it a some kind of a trend these days. Just saw few people on FB groups reporting such updates as well.
  4. Hey, did you get your PPR after the ghost update?
  5. Not yet. It's been almost ten days since I received that ghost update. Waiting patiently.
  6. Been a week since mine. Also nothing so far... Been reading some old posts in other threads, and it took a couple of weeks for some people to get a PPR after a ghost update. Fingers crossed! Keep me updated!
  7. Yea came across those threads too. At this stage there is nothing much we can do. I know a couple of ppl who had the ghost update too and are also waiting. For some it came in 24 hours. Some it took couple of weeks. Fingers crossed hope it comes soon.
  8. I've been waiting for 9 months, what's few more weeks?!
    I just hope the ghost update actually means PPR and not something terrible like SS.
  9. What is SS. I recently called CIC to check what the ghost update was all about. And they told me that the agents are working on my application and certain updates are happening in the background and hence I am not able to o view those. Maybe you should call CIC and ask them .
  10. SS is security screening, really in depth one, which I know wouldn't cause us problems, but it takes months or even over a year. So basically a lot more waiting.
    Yeah I need to call them really to know what's going on, it's just so tough to get through. I've been unable so far.
  11. You shouls try early in the morning sharp at 8 EST when the CIC offices open. I got through them . Usually you might have to wait for 30 min during afternoon times. Morning maybe 14 min wait time.
  12. Okay, will give it a go tomorrow. Fingers crossed for some good news!
  13. Good luck to you. Let's hope the PPR is on its way at the earliest.
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  14. Got update on april10. No status change and No email yet. Cec inland
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  15. Hello! Do you have any news? Got my ghost update today. Would appreciate your experience

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