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Profile is showing as ineligible

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by trisha27, May 18, 2017.

  1. Please help me anyone as my express entry profile is showing as ineligible on each and every time . However, I am comfortably able to generate the reference number which shows that my profile is eligible to apply for express entry.
  2. Share your details here that you enter in the eligibility assessment form.
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  3. First of all Thank you very much as you have shown interest to resolve my problem. God Bless You. For your reference here are my details. I have included each and every thing which I have used while submitting my profile:

    So here are my details:

    Date of Birth-25th July 1983
    Country of Birth- India
    City/Town of Birth- Burdwan
    Marital Status-Married
    Document/Id Type- Passport
    Country of Issue-India
    Issue date-2012/9/7
    Expiry date-2022/9/6
    Has Sougata Mukherjee applied to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada before?-No
    Country of Citizenship-India
    Country of residence-India
    How many family members does Sougata Mukherjee have? 2
    How much money does Sougata Mukherjee will bring to Canada- 14000 (However my family members will not come with me in Canada atleast for initial 2 years)
    Does Sougata Mukherjee have arelative who is a citizen or permanent resident of canada?

    Contact Details:

    Language of Correspondence-English
    Email address:-sougatamukherjee3632@yahoo.com
    Study and Languages:
    Field of Study-Business/Commerce
    From-2001 to 2004
    Complete/full academic years-15
    Fulltime/Part Time-Full Time
    Standing at the end of study period-Certificate or diploma or degree awarded
    Country of Study-India
    Name of school-The University of Burdwan
    Level of Education-Bachelor's degree
    WasSougata Mukherjee awarded a Canadian degree-No
    Has Sougata Mukherjee had an Educational credential Assessment (ECA) within the past five years-Yes
    Organization that issued the ECA-WES
    Date ECA report issued-2016/December/12
    Level of Education (Canadian equivalent)- Bachelor's degree OR a three or more year program at a University, college
    Official Languages:
    Can Sougata Mukherjee communicate in English and/or French-English
    Has Sougata Mukherjee taken an approved language test to assess their English skills?Yes
    Language test taken-IELTS
    Language test version-IELTS General training
    Date of language test-2016/October/08
    Date of test results-2016/October/20
    Speaking-7, Reading-6.5, Listening-7.5, Writing-6.5

    Application /Profile details:

    Which Provinces or Territories would Sougata Mukherjee consider living in?-Alberta, British Columbia, All Provinces and Territories
    Has Sougata Mukherjee received a nomination certificate? No


    An applicant can appoint a person to do business with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on their behalf. Does Sougata Mukherjee want to allow IRCC give their information to an appointed person (such as an immigration consultant, lawyer, friend or family member) to contact IRCC on their behalf? This person can also get details on their case file, such as the status of their submission or application. (This person is called a "representative".)



    Primary Occupation (4 digit NOC code)-1434-Banking Insurance and other Financial clerk

    Date Sougata Mukherjee first became qualified to practice in this occupation
    If the "primary occupation" is:
    a qualified trade (four-digit code begins with 632, 633, 72, 73, 82, 92), this is the date they became qualified to practce on their own in Canada. (For example, when they moved from apprentice to being a licensed tradesperson.)
    any other job, this is the date they first obtained the minimum education or training stated in the NOC description. (Note: if the NOC only states high school, this is the date they graduated.)-2004 June

    Does Sougata Mukherjee have a certificate of qualification from a Canadian province or territory? -No

    Does Sougata Mukherjee have a job offer in Canada?
    The offer must:
    be for full-time and for at least one year
    meet different requirements depending on type of job (i.e. some need apprenticeships and certification) and
    be non-seasonal for Federal Skilled Workers.-No

    Work History-

    Currently working with Sunlife Financial Services from June 2008 as a Sr Process Associate

    Please let me know if you need any more details from my side. I will be more than happy. Please advise how should I proceed as I am very frustrated with this process as I have submitted my profile many times.
  4. Dear Mukherjee
    Please delete your post with all the details above as you can still delete it. Change your funds to CAD 15312 and hopefully you will be eligible.

    @jpv2212 : You could also delete your post as you have replied to His detailed profile and history will keep it. !!

  5. Hi faraz
    I'd already deleted my post since I also had realized it that even I quoted his post.
    But due to some network error it couldn't be deleted.
    Now it's done.
    Thanks for drawing my attention.
  6. Thank you to both of you. I am again going to apply it with the above point in mind.

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