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Nov 1, 2018
hi bryanna,

hope you are well
i have applied for Visitor visa from pakistan to visit my husband who is a student at Mcgill canada for the completion of his degree. can you please tell me the chances of TRV Approval?? following docs were submitted
  • my application form and family info form
  • husbands study permit
  • passports and id cards
  • proof of marriage (certificate and pictures)
  • proof of my current employment in Pakistan (4 months salary slips and letter from my employer HR granting me leaves for 2 weeks on annual leave basis)
  • financial proof- 12000 CAD in my own savings account and 1000 CAD in my husband's) these were proven by last 4 months electronic bank statements
  • Cover letter stating the importance of my visit
  • invitation letter from husband
  • some financial proofs from my father in law and support letter in my support.
  • last one year tax returns
i just do not have a travel history which is why i am worried. :( however ive been working in pakistan for three years and i support my husband through my salary when needed cuz he is a student ( mentioned in the letter as well)
is there any chance of first try approval?
the concern is my travel history isnt going to change even if i get rejected the first time, what to do in that case?