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Processing time for work permit

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Oceana' started by swatic87, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Hi I have applied work permit from new zealand. Its been 5 week, no update yet.

    Swati any luck for you ?
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  2. Have you got approved????
    Am also almost same case passed 5 week now my application
  3. Any update ??????
  4. Hi
    have you recieved your WP? I applied on 18th May and still there is no up
  5. Hi swatic87,
    I am in Canada will you please share information about you lawyer I would like to apply as live in care giver.
  6. hi
    may I know do we have to provide the proof of funds as well for work permit
  7. Not sure maybe weeks
  8. Hi, has anyone recently applied for work permit from either New Zealand or Australia? What's the progress at the moment? It seems officially it's taking 14 weeks now compared to only 8 weeks a year ago...
  9. Hello, has anyone received work permit with LMIA.
    I have positive LMIA and we have already put the file for a work permit before a month ago. still no update.
    Anyone have an idea of how much time for a visa.

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