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Processing time after sending passport to CIC after PPR - CEC Inland

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by vrahulan, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. @AshlynJ , is SouthKorea exempt country ?? Or did 17 days include passport stamping as well ?? How long did it take the status to change approve in ur case ? Thank you !!
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    Yes, South Korea is one of the visa exempt coutries.
    The copy of passport arrived at Ottawa office on July 05. My application got approved on July 18. The return tracker activated next day. I found the package of Copr in my mailbox on Monday, July 22.

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  3. Thank you so much!!
  4. @Benbou012 did u try calling CIC regarding status of ur passport? U shld get an update this week I guess . Try calling them .
  5. Hi no I didn’t try Cz I had heard now it’s take three weeks at less, how about u
  6. My passport was with CIC for 3 weeks as well. Delivered to them on the 21st of June and just got my passport back yesterday. A month in total so relax. It is well.
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  7. Thx for your answer, can tell us when did get the update in your account cic
  8. Mine is too early. I only sent it last week and it was delivered on 18th.
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  9. Cic Accout was updated with approved status on Monday, 15th of July. Passport sent on friday 19th of July.
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  10. Hi ,

    Any luck with urs? Did u send urs to CPC - Ottawa, 8781??
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  11. Nothing yet . Yea this’s the adress
  12. Wow! It's strange. Someone send it to same address on July 02, and got approved on 18th. But If ur not in a hurry, it's ok. I really want to get my soon.
  13. Yea I’m so scared I had try to call but it’s always busy
  14. Don't worry. U will get it soon . But call them tomorrow as well. For some reason , some get it faster.
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  15. Thx for your answer, I don’t know but most people in forum said it’s take at less three weeks

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