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Processing time after sending passport to CIC after PPR - CEC Inland

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by vrahulan, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Hi guys

    I had send my passport to CIC ten days ago unfortunately until now no news, is that normal guys

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  2. It is totally normal mine took 2 month to come back .....I am in Toronto.
    Hopefully yours wont take that long..!!
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  3. Thx for your answer
    Did u get any updates before that
  4. @Benbou012 , Hi did u get your passport? How long did it take? Thanks
  5. Nothing until now
  6. Wow! Where did u send it to ? How long has it been?
  7. I got the golden mail then I send it to cic Ottawa and u
  8. I got the "golden" email on Monday , 16, I was over the moon. Sent my passport yesterday, delivered to Ottawa today. I was hoping to get it back soon, now back to reading forum. Heard it'll take 2 weeks at least , now back to being anxious, u will get its approved next week probably. Please let me know when I get urs
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  9. Hi guys

    Any one get any news
  10. My return tracking got activated this evening. Application was approved since Monday. I should get my passport on Monday or Tuesday
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  11. Hi buddy
    Congratulations, can u pleas tell us when did u send your passport and your CIC account was updated?

    Thank you and congratulations again
  12. Thank you! Received PPR on the 19th of June. Sent Passport on the 20th of June and it got delivered on the 24th of June. Application was updated to approved on Monday and Passport was sent yesterday. Hope this helps.
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  13. Congratulations buddy . for all people still waiting
  14. Hi guys

    Anyone get any news or updates
  15. I got mine yesterday after 17 days of waiting. According to myimmitracker, citizens of visa exempt countries take less time than others (I am from South Korea)

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