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Procedural fairness

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by tca_2018, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Hello all,
    Hope everyone is doing well. I have been in USA for past 15+ years (student + work). I got Saskatchewan provincial nomination last year (I am a PE and P.Eng.) so decided to go ahead with the Canada immigration process. I have 3 dependents (wife + 2 kids US born). My second kid was born few months ago. I had notified the cic that I need to add one more dependent so they issued a request for documents on 09/11/2019. I was asked to submit my infant child's processing fee + medical + passport, my wife's chest xray (She was pregnant when we did our original medical in 01/2019) plus funds verification letter. There was also a request to submit my credit card statements since I had mentioned that I had few balances.
    I got a Procedural Fairness letter from cic on 10/29/2019 for not submitting these documents. The original request had no time constraint in it so I guess I didn't really care about getting it done quickly.

    Anyone else who had similar issues, can they please share.

    FYI - I submitted all the documents the same day I received the PF letter. I also submitted a web form query with all the documents. The letter asked to submit through cic website. However, there was no place on the cic website profile to actually submit this info (there was no separate questions/profile created for my second kid to upload documents).
  2. Additional document requests can have deadlines as short as 7 days, so yeah, should have been a higher priority. Provided you submitted all of the required documents, it should be fine.
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  3. They always gave deadlines in the letters. You may not have read it closely.
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  4. I just went back to look at it closely. The letter did say "within 30 days" that I must have failed to look. Honestly, I am more than frustrated with the time it has been taking to process the application. I am typically very professional when it comes to deadlines but my stress got the better of me this time.

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