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Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) from VO

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by naeembadil, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Hi buddies,
    Any body who received PFL from Visa Office London (VOL). i have received regarding low Ielts.
    they are not satisfied with my low ielts. so they required it again.

  2. I think you have already responded to your PFL and submitted your improved IELTS results to LVO which seems sufficient as per your NOC skill level.

    Are they still not satisfied with your improved IELTS results?

    Have you got their further correspondence?
  3. hi buddies,
    yes i have submitted my improved Ielts result and still awaiting MR.

  4. Dear What was your ielts score
  5. overall : 6 L: 5.5 : 5 W:6 S: 6.5
  6. Why don't you reappear for Ielts immediately, and try to make it 6.0 in all modules.
  7. the time they had given to me has passed now and one of my friend said to me that its fine other wise i might improve it.
  8. unfortunately, i also got PFL for IELTS, what should i do ?
  9. One and only solution, Retake IELTS with extraordinary hard work.
    Is your Visa office also London?
  10. My NOC : 0213 (Under PNP-Paper Based (SNIP-OID) at London Visa Office

    Got procedural fairness letter regarding insufficient IELTS score (IELTS : 5.5 ....L5.5...R5.0....W6.0....S5.5) on 16-FEB-2017....

    Submitted improved IELTS : 6.0 ....L6.0...R5.5 ....W6.0....S5.5 on 12-May-2017....

    Received Invitation Pre arrival service letter on 29-March-2018...
    Received ADR (all forms and PCC) on 11-April-2018...
    Received Medical Request on 23-April-2018...

    Thank You
  11. MashaAllh

    Applied SNIP-OID nomination on 31-Aug-2016 under NOC 0213.

    Nominated 04-OCT-2016.

    File received at IRCC on 21-OCT-2016 under PNP-Paper Based (WHILE Visa office is London).

    AOR received on 24-JAN-2017.

    BG IN Process on 08-FEB-2017.

    Got low IELTS (5.5/5/6/5.5=5.5) on 16-Feb-2017.

    Submitted improved IELTS (6/5.5/5.5/6=6) on 12-May-2017.

    Got Invitation Pre-arrival letter on 29-Mar-2018.

    Got ADR(all forms and PCC ) on 11-April-2018.

    Submitted all ADR till 17-April-2018.

    Got Medical on 23-April-2018.

    Medical done on 25-April-2018.

    Medical Panel confirmed me that reports have been submitted at IRCC on 30-April-2018.

    Medical Passed on 01-May-2018.

    Received PPR on 03-May-2018

    Submitted Passport at Vfs Global Karachi on 04-May-2018

    COPR/Counterfoil documents generated (with expiry date ) on myCIC account on 09-May-2018

    Email received from IRCC regarding UPDATE STATUS in myCIC on 10-May-2018

    (Vfs Global Karachi has pathetic services and their services are not up to the standard in order to track application or intimation etc…and never received call from vfs Global for passport collection, I had to visit myself to collect passport)

    Visa on Hand with COPR documents on 11-May-2018 (Received Passport)

    Always believe on Allah

    Never Give Up

    Be careful when you will be visiting Vfs Global Pakistan

    Dear Vfs Global

    On Friday 11-May-2018, I visited Vfs Global Karachi to collect my transmitted (PNP Paper based) passport around 1:15 PM .

    As per given protocol, I submitted my cell phone at cell phone counter and Unfortunately when I returned
    back my cell phone from counter , I felt something wrong with my cell phone especially in SD card and all
    indications were confirming me that there were something wrong with memory card when I started investigating
    it at my end I had known that my memory card had been replaced with fresh one with same featured and size.

    I intimated it to official who were available at Vfs KArachi (Canadian Branch) but Unfortunately I was unable to
    get result oriented outcome.

    Finally, It is not matter of memory card's cost or quality, it is matter of my belonging in term of data , files ,pictures and others, Kindly investigate it at your side/level and I am also going to complain it at IRCC .

    It would be grateful, if you could return my own memory card as early as possible basis.

    I look forward to hearing you soon.

    Thank You

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