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PR soft landing- questions re moving car from USA 'Goods to follow' question

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by daymien, Dec 12, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    My husband and I are flying to Canada to activate his PR status in January (soft landing). However, he will need to come back to the USA for a few weeks to tie up loose ends at work. I will remain in Canada. My husband will then return to Canada to settle end of February.

    My questions are regarding our car:

    1. Should we declare the car during our soft landing as goods to follow later? We are leaving the car in the USA so he can use is during the few weeks in USA.

    2. Is it a problem with customs if there is a few months between your soft landing and when your 'goods to follow' actually arrive?
  2. 1. Yes
    2. No problem. GTF has not time limit.

    Do note that export/import of vehicles require a special process.
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  3. Hi

    I have a similar question.
    I will do soft landing via road next week at the Niagara border. I will drive my personal car .
    1. Should I declare the car as a goods to follow item since at the moment I am going to be driving back to US until I make a permanent move?
    2. We will be carrying jewelery with us but that will also come back as well. Should this also be a goods to follow item?
    3. Do I need to attach pictures of jewelery or receipts ?
    4. Are there specific times when we can do a soft landing via road or is it 24X7?

  4. If you submit a GTF list, everything that will be imported permanently at a later date must be included in the list. Jewelry photographs should be included.
    There are no specific times/days for US residents. The limits only apply to Canadian residents who are flagpoling.
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  5. @lampbreaker One more question- do I also need to declare how much funds I will be bringing/transferring later?
  6. If you are bringing more than 10000 CAD in cash or cash equivalents to the border at any time, you need to declare it. Other than that, for the purpose of PR landing you are supposed to have proof of funds with you, but most people are never asked for it.
  7. I currently have a lien on my car. Is that a problem? I will drive to Canada and come back. The car will be exported at a later date.
  8. That's fine.
  9. Do they ask for title/copy of title ?
    The bank says it may take 14 days.
  10. No. You will need the original lien free title whenever you actually import. But nothing until then.
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  11. Thanks .

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