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PR residency obligation


Aug 10, 2019
Dear sir/mam,

When I was a teen my family got PR. However, after a few months, we all came back to India. we didn't go back after that. Is there is the possibility of renewing my PR? The decision was made by my parents, but I want to go back. Its been almost 10 years. I still have my Exp. PR card.

Thank you.


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Mar 22, 2016
If you were still in your teens or say under 22 you might have had a chance of applying for a PRTD to travel back with H&C reason of being removed as a minor. However the older you get the odds of such an application succeeding reduce given optimum time to to apply quoted on here seems to be age 18-22 .

Just to clarify you cannot renew your PR status as such given only cards expire PR status never expires and can only be revoked or renounced.

You apply for a PRTD to enable travel back to Canada then once in the country you establish your residency before you can apply to renew your PR card . To keep your PR status you need to be resident for 2 years in each 5 year period prior to any new entry.

Nothing to stop you applying you maybe lucky.
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