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PR Renewal H&C Grounds - 730 days not completed - Paper Application Decision Made Status



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Feb 1, 2015
You missed the point - outside Canada until Dec 15, 2023!
I interpreted the comment by OP ("I will be outside of Canada 997 days until December 15 2023") to mean total days until 15 december (which day count seems to work), i.e. that OP plans to leave on December 15 (because why else is December 15 relevant?).

But the sentence is a bit fractured so possible I misunderstood in my attempt to read between the lines.

Either way, two bits of key advice to OP: do not apply from abroad (you cannot, at least not while being truthful, so should not). And do not apply before December 24 (or really January), because short of that nine month period IRCC specifically states.

Or, if leaving December 15, and not returning before expiry of PR card - you will have no choice but to apply for PRTD, and therefore out of compliance, and therefore - risk for PR status. (Which no-one can estimate, really).