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PR Refused

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by kizrana, May 28, 2019.

  1. Which skill level is NOC 6552?
    I took over from a complaints manager. Unfortunately my title didn't change, just my responsibilities and salary. Salary was stated in the letter. Bu I guess that need to be more clear.
    I could go back to the employer and request that he adds on that I was acting complaints manager, change the title to supervisor. State that I supervised an individual and I conducted interviews, then keep to the same code.
    Do you think this would work?
  2. The 6314 NOC is for people who supervise customer service agents, but not people who do the work themselves. If you did customer service work yourself but watched over one other person, it's not clear you fell into 6314. In 6314, you'd set schedules, see what training was required, review work done by others, etc. Not just make sure that your coworker did the work that you were also doing.
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    Is there a better suited NOC code that would apply which would still be in the required skill level?

    EDIT- Better suited that would apply to my duties which are now more detailed
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    I noticed that you had almost 6 months to get this result. Did you pass medical exam before this refusal?
  5. Yes I passed the medical before refusal
  6. From what you've said, you were not an actual supervisor. The responsibilities in the letter are not supervisory. You were a customer service rep and that is not skilled. The refusal was correct.
  7. It sounds like you're NOC shopping and have someone willing to sign a letter with whatever job description you say is necessary :(
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    I can assure you that's not the case. As I said I was employed initially as a customer service rep. After 3 months I took over from the complaints manager but I didn't get the title but I got the salary increase. However it took a while to find a replacement for CS rep so I continued that role too.

    When I mentioned that I would ask my employer to make amendments, these are accurate amendments just with more detail. This is not me falsifying anything. I realize I should have asked my employer to include as much detail as possible. Mistake learned.
  9. Hi Khp,

    My NoC Code is 2274 (Skill level B)and lead statement says
    2274 Engineer officers, water transport
    Engineer officers, water transport, operate and maintain main engines, machinery and auxiliary equipment aboard ships and other self-propelled vessels, and supervise and co-ordinate the activities of engine room crews. They are employed by marine transportation companies and federal government departments.

    As supervisors are also included in the same unit group, do I need to mention this role in my job duties ?( This duty is also one of the main duties of my NOC)

    The work experience I am claiming is also including my training period too and my supervisor has mentioned
    “ Demonstrate Initiative and supervisory ability “

    Although I was working under supervision as a trainee ,I observed and coordinated the activities of crew ,but only when asked to do so.

    Will it be ok to count this training period ?

    Also, during training period my wage was 700 USD and after that 2700 USD .
  10. Can you please share duties for NOC 1311?

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