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PR query

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by SurbhiArora, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Hello, I am done with my biometrics for the PR application. I am the dependent applicant, and I had a few questions regarding my application.

    1) I am in the US on H4 visa, and my husband is on H1-B. we are planning to move to India next month. We have already submitted the application. I wanted to know if we have/should inform them that we will no longer be staying in the US? Will this affect our application in anyway? While conducting their background checks will it be a problem?

    2) What other steps are left once we are done with biometrics?

    3) Also, will my PR status be affected if the primary applicant leaves the country after a few months and does not maintain his PR status?
  2. 1. Yes, you should inform. At the latest, you will have to inform them when your receive your passport request.
    2. Nothing for you unless they ask for additional documents (unlikely)
    3. After you actually land in Canada as PRs, you have to maintain residency obligation, which means live in Canada for 2 years during any 5 year period. If you continuously stay out of Canada for longer than 3 years, you will be at risk of losing PR status.
  3. To add for (3) The PR Residency obligation is an individual responsibility so if the primary applicant leaves the country there is no impact to the dependants PR status as long as they continue to meet the residency obligation themselves.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Appreciate it.
  5. How/Where should I inform them about the same?
    Also I wanted to know what do they do after taking biometrics?

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