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PR Process for Minors

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by fus, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Myself and my wife are on PR card, out of three daughters our oldest one has PR. My last two daughter were born out of Canada, since we are in US to take care of my mother. My wife moved back to Canada few years ago with all my daughters. My wife has applied for her PR renewal and plan to apply for the two daughters PR as soon my wife get are PR renewed. Here is my question, for last couple of years I have made sure that my daughters do not over stay and I take them to US before they cross six months, now after we have filed their PR card do we still have to take them out of Canada or they can stay until the PR card is processed? Kindly advise.
  2. You never had to cross the border you can apply for visitor extension while in Canada. Are you compliant with your RO? If you aren't you shouldn't be exiting Canada.
  3. Canuk78 thank you for the reply. My wife and first daughter are RO compliant and that is why they have applied for renewal and plan to apply for my other two daughters PR after getting their PR renewed.
  4. You have to keep their status in Canada valid until they are officially PRs. You can either apply to extend their status from within Canada or exit and re-enter Canada as you have been doing.
  5. Got it. Thank you

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