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PR for actor? What do I need?


Jul 29, 2015
Hello everyone,

I love this forum, but could not find any answer to my questions so hoping someone here can help.

I am an actor from Europe and have studied in the US and have a diploma in Acting and also had a US work permit for 3 years (as an actor). Now I am currently on a WH (International Experience) work permit in Canada, but it is expiring in the next 3 month and I would like to stay and get either a work permit as actor or PR.

Now I tried to find info as to how to get PR as an actor and I mostly found that I would have to do the "self-employed" PR petition, is that correct? So I tried to download the forms but it always says it is the form for Quebec, but I would want to apply in BC.

Also I am not familiar as to what points and how many points I need and how to get these points and how to show it?
Will I need an english proficiency test (though I lived in the USA for 6 years and am fluent in english) and speak some french, do I need both tests?
What else do I need to apply for a self-employed PR as actor? As far as I understood you do NOT need a job offer as actor as it is a different work system then regular 9-5 job employment.

I used an immigration lawyer for the US but am wondering if I need one here as well to apply as self-employed for PR. I met a lot of people that did the PR on their own, and I would rather do it on my own as the PR is already costing $1500 for self-employed (why is it more than double for self-employed?, its kinda unfair).

What are the processing times (any other actors here who did it?) and can I apply for a work permit at the same time, and how long would that take (I heard 4 month)?

I am also getting a US work permit for a job I have down there so could also wait in the US for the PR to come through.

If there are people here who did it as actors or directors etc, and could help me out, I would really appreciate that!

thanks so much!


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Jun 8, 2010
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The Federal self employed immigration stream has one of the longest processing times out there. Expect to be waiting years - not months. The officially posted processing time is 96 months (although many do get through in less time). Application forms and details can be found here: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/business/self-employed/

Four months may be feasible for someone applying through the Federal Skilled Worker / Express Entry stream. You can check out this immigration stream as well as a possible option (not sure if it is). They key is to calculate how many points you have under Express Entry. Currently, only those with 480 points or more are being selected. Historically, no one with fewer than 450 points has been selected under this program.

The English proficiency test is mandatory. You can take the French test if you want more points.
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