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PR card renewed, issued and posted then canceled

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by ssah6154, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Hi Forum,
    I am currently in an absurd situation.
    We, a couple, landed in March 2014. Spent sporadic time in Canada and in May 2019 applied for PR renewal on the H&C grounds.
    My MIL is a widower with grave medical conditions and my SIL lives in Australia with two small kids that leaves my husband her only care giver.
    I came back to Canada in June , got myself a job and surprisingly received my PR in my mailbox after 20 days and in early June.
    After few days , got an email from CIC that the PR is cancelled and should be sent back to them by mail. My status shows decision made and my husband is in process.
    I have not found anyone who has similar experience. What does it mean for us?
  2. Probably someone at IRCC has reviewed the file and decided it needs further investigation of your H&C claim.....
  3. You have to follow their instructions. It's likely that they somehow issued you the card before your file was fully examined. Now that it has been examined, they cancelled the card.

    The card will no longer work to travel to Canada.
  4. That makes sense, but why they issued it in the first place? And posted it? And updated my status? And then took that back?
  5. Yes. That was also mentioned in the email. I am in Canada but my job requires me to travel.
    Which is not possible now.
  6. No one here can answer this for sure. We can all just speculate. Obviously IRCC saw something in your file they didn't like.

    If you want to know more, order your GCMS notes.
  7. Damn!! i hope you get some good news soon.

    Order GCMS Notes and see whats happening that will give you a better idea of whats happening as we would not have any idea of what is happening.

    Good Luck.
  8. How did you get into Canada? Did you come through the US and apply for PRTD under H&C. Assume you haven’t met your RO and by how much. How did you apply for your PR card renewal?
  9. We entered Canada whilst out PR was still valid. After we applied for renewal, I remained here and started to work, my husband though is out of Canada.
    We didn’t meet the RO on the H&C grounds.
    I would have waited patiently for months, if it wasn’t for the card arriving in my mail box and then cancelled.

    Is this normal? Has this happens to anyone?
  10. Does this, ordering GCMS impact the case?
  11. It's possible that an administrative review of the application was carried out by "Quality Control" and they realized that it should not have been granted under H&C after all.
  12. That is/was my guess but why does my status still show “decision made”?
  13. That, I can't answer. Unless the decision is now "do not issue".
  14. No, not at all.
  15. No, people assume that it makes the file move, which is logically correct but not according to law

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