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PR Card renewal

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by vjdua, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Case relates to PR Card renewal on H&C grounds. Entered through land border May, 2017. Allowed entry with an advise to apply for PR Cards
    • applied PR card with supporting documents long absence for taking care of ailing 85 years old chronic patient of COPD on oxygen and hospitalized more than 15 times and put on ventilator for 4 times. enclosed hospital records.
    • Received letter in August 2017 for more information and records
    • Submitted required records in Sept. 2017
    • received letter Feb. 2018 for personal interview in March, 2018
    • Could not attend but submitted reasons requesting alternative date
    • Represented again and again no reply received till date
    • submitted lettters for incorporating new passports, change of address in Canada
    • Reminder letter sent in December, 2018
    • Visited Canada in 2017 for three months (May to August 2017) and two months in 2019 (June - July 2019)
    • Could not stay longer due to no status, not possessing SIN CARDs as never applied on landing in 2010
    • two daughters in Toronto since 2013 having PR status and approved for citizenship. Citizenship Oath taking place in this month only for elder daughter.
    • PLEASE advise whom to contact or write. Complete postal address or email would be really helpful.
    • we are presently back in after a short visit to Canada for two months.

  2. Just for clarity how did you travel to Canada in June without a PR card, via the land border or do you have a PRTD ? Do you have a current PR card renewal application in process given you can only renew in Canada and again possibility given history of collect in person appointment again?

    If reading correctly seems amazing if you have failed the RO that you came into the country without being reported but assume that is the whole purpose of your post to resolve the situation . Do you not already have a lawyer involved such as the sponsor of this forum ?
  3. We traveled through land border and were allowed entry mentioning as long as our case is IN PROCESS they do not have any objection on our coming and going. Our application for renewal of PR card made in May, 2017 is shown on the system IN PROCESS. No more information is available online. Therefore, I want to write to concerned authorities as it is now more than two years when we applied for renewal of PR cards.
  4. Any suggestions to go about in the above case, would appreciate
  5. How have your daughters been living in Canada since 2013? What happened after you didn’t show up for both appointments? Why did you not have PR cards. Have you called CIC?
  6. Daughters meet the residency requirement and are in fulfillment of obligations and are holding PR status In fact elder daughter is now Canadian Citizen. We did not miss two appointments. It was only one time in March, 2018 and we submitted reasons for that time and again. We could not stay for long in our two short visits one in 2017 and another recently in 2019 as we do not have SIN cards as we did not obrtain the same during ourn first landing and it is not practically possible to stay without SIN Cards. Online status for PR cards shows continuously as IN PROCESS since we applied in 2017. PLEASE advise action at our end i.e. whom to contact or write in CIC. Complete postal address or email would be really helpful. Suggestions to proceed in the case would be welcomed.
  7. I would advise you to talk to an immigration lawyer.
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  8. I would like to try by myself. It would be great, if somebody gives me the complete contact address of CIC authorities where I can write and send the details and comprehensive letter explaining my position and request them to issue us a limited validity PR Cards till our case is in process so that we can obtain SIN Cards in order to seek employment and do permissible transactions for our living.


  9. Did you call the customer service number for IRCC? Would still advise a lawyer. Your case is much more complicated and have had numerous chances to establish your self in Canada over the past 10 years. Your second daughter seems to have gotten lucky and was able to return. You, your, spouse and your son are likely to have a much more difficult time. Would get a lawyer if you want the best attempt at retaining PR.
  10. You might want to consider ordering the GCMS notes as well. The fact you didn’t me RO, have very limited establishment in Canada, applied for card renewal and then left again is going to make it a struggle. Get the notes and see what the VO has documented if you are going to represent yourself.
  11. Thanks for the advise, will act accordingly.
  12. Please advise whom to write for GCMS notes. It would be great if I am provided with complete mailing address for the same and for status of our PR Card renwal applications.
  13. Requesting again for complete mailing address of CIC for PR Card status and GCMS Notes.
  14. Requesting again to kindly share complete mailing address of CIC for PR Card status and GCMS Notes.
  15. Requesting once again to kindly share complete mailing address of CIC for PR Card status and GCMS Notes.

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