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PR Card Renewal in Sept 2017

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by mama800, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    Did anyone who applied in Sept 2017 for PR card renewal get any update yet? I applied Sept 4th, 2017 and i haven't gotten any update on the status of my application. Am beginning to panic as I have to travel on Dec 9th. Please provide your timeline.

  2. I applied too sept 29 I havent recieve any mail yet. Somebody in other forum applied after you got their PR's already. And same as me i need to leave dec 4th.. if i cant receive my PR before i leave ill just apply PRTD in philippines when i got there. I got no choice :)
  3. Hello! I'm also in this situation. I'm an american citizen, Canadian PR since 2007. I applied to renew my card, sent in my application at the end of September, and I have a plane ticket already purchased for Dec 10th. I'm worried my card won't come in time. Should I cancel my trip? Can I return on an American passport as a visitor? Help!!
  4. Hi
    I sent my application on September 11 and they received it Sep 18. i got an email yesterday that it is in process. I checked cic website and it says "decision made" .
  5. ok thanks for the response. Hopefully, i get a response this week.
  6. hi there,

    haven't been here for quite a while. I also have applied (for renewal) on the 28th September 2017. Thinking..6-8 weeks it should be done...i guess not. Today i checked processing times...70 days..for applications received on 14th September. My intentions were to go to on vacation by the very end of december....i think its not going to work out. lol Lucky me...haven't bought my flight ticket yet... Didn't know it'll be THAT long. First card in 2012 arrived as shown then after 68 days....
  7. Mission Update:

    PR Card Renewal Received at Office: 27th September 2017
    AoR Received: 4th December 2017
    eCas (access) as of 6th December 2017: Decision made.

    My case is supposed to be easy. Only 1 employer for 5 years non stop since i became PR in 2012. Moved 2 times. Straight forward. Lets see how fast it goes....
  8. Pr application

    I applied for first pr card on 25 th sept only uci no recieved in month of oct. Till then no revert. What could be the possibilities.
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    Been pr for 28yrs ( I know why am I know a citizen yet???)
    I sent my application for renewal on Sept 22. Received Sept 27. Returned back to me due to lack of id (my fault) on Nov 15 and I sent it back on Nov 17 with proof of travel ticket purchased and paid alone with a note saying I will be travelling on December 15th.
    I have not received a confirmation from them and can't pull up my application status online.
    Does anyone know if they will honor my original sent date or did my app. Get pushed to the bottom of the pile?
    Do I have a chance or should I cancel?
    I'm a Portuguese citizen which is visa exempt do I still need a prtd?
    Can I get a prtd from the Portuguese consulate here and will I be able to travel back from Mexico with it?
    Kinda stressed out seeing as I'm to travel next week.
    Any suggestions? Would I be able to fly out from u.s to Mexico then back to u.s and come back to Toronto by car? Has anyone done this?
    Any help is appreciated
  10. Applied September 29th received application october 10th (sent Canada Post registered delivery, was meant to take 2 days, not sure what happened?!!). No sign. They havent even opened my application and leave on december 17th to UK. Have to get a PRTD in London as I contacted everyone to see alternatives including local MP who was of no help. They say you can fly into US then drive across the border and will let you in with proof of old PR card and other documentation which is ridiculous. Whats the difference on a flight? Also. Why cant we drive to the border prior and get a stamp in the passport so we are allowed to fly back in? Going to try and call border services to see if an option, doubt
  11. I know that if you have an urgent reason for needing to travel (illness, death of a family member, employment) and provide that to them they may speed up the process. No a guarantee though. Depending on how long you will be in the uk you can get a prtd just not sure on the processing times there. Some people have said where they have gone it's
    Been a day others say 2-3 weeks. Would love to know how it goes with your call. I'm on the same boat. Only difference is I can't get a prtd where im going due to location
    Good luck
  12. i don't think American passports needs a Visa to enter Canada
  13. You can also try and apply for a prtd wherever you are going. Depending on their work load you may be able to get it the same day.

    As for entering Canada on a u.s passprt I think the issue is that he is a perm res. And once you put your address when you fly back they will require the pr card.
    If that's not the case then all perm res. Holders can come in with put the card and just use their native country passport to get in No?

    If I'm incorrect please let me know. I' in the same predicament at the moment and will be flying on the 15th. I hold a e.u passport and my pr card has not arrived. Does that mean I can come back with out It?
    • Hi all,
    • Please I need help on this. Unfortunately I got a reply that i have to provide more information. They requested the following...
    • Personal immigration entry/exit record or movement certificate issued by your country of citizenship and the countries where you have travelled or resided.
    • Now am confused as I don't know how to request this information from my home country. Can I use the CBSA records instead?
    • I would really appreciate inputs.

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