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PR card renewal from outside Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Kenbrandt, Jun 30, 2019.

  1. Just so it’s easy to explain.
    My wife has her Permanent resident card already. We moved to Japan from Canada in 2011 and we are aware that we can renew it 6 months prior to it expiring. But her card expired a year after we left so she wasn’t able to renew ahead of time. We contacted the Canadian government in Japan and they said “Get a multiple entry visa it’s the same as a PR card.” What we found out when we got to Canada in March is that it’s not the same and she was almost refused entry to Canada. Nobody has any idea what we are supposed to do. Maybe our case is unique in that we are living abroad for a long term. We were told by someone in the government that if we shared the same address in while abroad that counted as is she was in Canada.
    We are mainly worried because we have savings in Canada. Even the guy at the bank said he wasn’t sure what would happen if she lost her status. That’s why she wants to get the card renewed. Now we are being told that we can’t renew it while living outside of Canada. But to renewing the card will take more than the length of our visit, so that’s the bind we are in. Is it possible to use a representative/power of attorney to operate on our behalf?
    Any info is better than what we have now.
    Thank you.
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    As you know a PR card cannot be renewed from outside Canada at all. In order to travel back to Canada she would need a PRTD and sure once in Canada could apply for a card have it mailed to a friend or relative who could then courier to her in Japan. Not aware you could appoint a power of attorney to apply for a card renewal whilst she is still outside of the country, if were possible the forum would be full of posts sharing that.

    Maybe clarify that you are a Canadian citizen and your wife accompanied you out of Canada, if so then potentially her PR status should still be secure even if she has not met the residency obligation although would still need to keep complete documentation as proof of accompanying a Canadian citizen abroad. The latter very important when applying either to renew a card or apply for a PRTD to avoid any chance of PR status being revoked for failing the residency obligation.

    As a PR she would always be entitled to enter Canada with or without a valid PR card, however without a valid card or a PRTD she should not be able to board a plane destined for Canada.Without a card or PRTD she could only enter via the US/Canada land border.

    As for savings in Canada not sure whether continuing to be a PR or not has any effect on that given even some temporary residents have Canadian bank accounts.
  3. The Canadian consulate in Manila told us that she only needed a PRTD to travel to Canada and it was the same as her PR card. If they had told us, I would have had an application ready to be filled out and we would have filed it while in Canada this past spring. I guess it’s safe to assume that she has to apply in person, we can’t get all the necessary paperwork filled out and send it in via a relative.
  4. You don’t lose PR status unless it is revoked. Given that time spent with your Canadian spouse abroad usually counts towards PR, she has maintained her status. Unless you plan on living in Canada you don’t need a PR card and would have to come pick it up in person during a certain length of time. Multiple entry PRTDs seem to be what IRCC is advising for couples in your situation.
  5. Perhaps there are visa application centres in Japan, so that you don't need to fly to Manila and go to the Canadian consulate to get your PRTD.
  6. I sent the Consulate general of Canada an email, now I have to play the waiting game.

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